Moved Client to D drive (HDD) now it won't start?

I’ve allowed the Battlenet Admin rights but when I press play it loads to a black screen then goes straight back to the launcher? I moved Overwatch to D drive (HDD) to make way for the GIGANTIC 12GB wow patch)) now, I can’t launch oVerwatch lol

Did you move it manually? Check if the game location is updated in the launcher so it knows from where to open the game. You can also try to ‘scan and repair’ the game.

Game location is fine. I’ve moved it manually before when swapping between WoW and OW.

Now. It wont load on either drive. I know how to 'locate" the game, it just goes to brief black screen like its loading then back to the battlenet launcher.

I’m too angry, I’m typing so slow to not smash my keyboard to bits. I don’t know why now of all nights it chooses to piss me about.

Comp is fine - no issues. It just chooses not to launch and I don’t know why.

I’m not sure why simply moving it to a different drive would cause this, but… do you have Razer software installed? Specifically the old Chroma SDK issue causes a brief black screen on launch before the game crashes.

More info here