Move QP to Arcade


You didn’t even read the title, did you?


You completely missed the point of my post didn’t you? OP is angry because compositions are always bad in QP and wants to get rid of it and replace it with something that he thinks will make people not pick the hero’s they want.

But the thing is, it doesn’t address the reason people don’t pick the heroes he wanted. All that will happen is that you get bronze Sombras in GM games.

I review my videos, and part of that is checking what the players actually main (Learning that the enemy team you thoroughly pwned are mostly Mercy mains kinda takes the wind out of your sails). Before the profiles became private, i realized that the overwhelming majority of players do not pick their mains. Most do not pick their top 5, and it’s not unusual for them not to pick any in their top 10.

What you want to happen, is for people to pick the worst roles, with no incentive to do so.


Group finder is virtually dead even during peak times, lol. I agree with OP… I’ve been having good experiences in QP, but that’s likely because I main support.

The “it’s just QP” mentality makes it unbearable for people who want to actually practice…


i like QP the way it is. And i like comp the way it is - out of my mind. How about you do the same.

Guess what? Comp isn’t the entire game. Comp wasn’t even in the game initially. I can play casually and enjoy it, fill when needed, and try my best to win. That’s my idea of fun, and that’s why i paid for this game. So what… does that make me some kind of second class citizen in here? because i’m not on the comp bandwagon like you? i play QP with a competitive spirit, and i think a lot of other people do. So who cares. Do your thing, i’ll do mine, and stay out of my way.



The entire premise of your argument is based on a statement I never made.

Actually, I have no idea who you’re arguing with. None of what you said is related to the points I’ve made.


Read your first post



This right here.

Wanting to practice requires the team have a reason to pick a workable comp; having a team composition that can actually take a team fight (ie at least one main tank and at least one main heals) is the only way to get decent practice on any hero.

When there’s no incentive or repercussion persuading players to choose a workable comp (NO not “meta”, simply workable) you end-up with a bunch of cats chasing lasers in an FPS. There’s no learning value there and, in the really bad steamrolls, isn’t even fun.


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Alright dude, I’ll give you the ideas as plainly as I can:

MOVE QP to Arcade
Create “Pre-Comp” to replace QP’s place in game select menu

  • New game mode would match based on Comp SR and MMR but would not affect them
  • New game mode would (in post-match) show you what your SR +/- would have been if it were a real comp game


You know it’s in a sad state of affairs (QP) when I, a support main, receive countless endorsements and “Omg thank you Mercy <3” after every match I queue for….leading me to believe that those same teammates had been putting up with unworkable comps for a long while before I came along.

Then, after doing that for countless levels, they’ll try Competitive, get steamrolled, and be left thinking it was entirely their fault, when in reality (speaking of solo queue players), they had no real way to practice/get better at playing the objective/etc.


Yeah, then you aren’t ‘the problem’. You’re a good teammate to be with in QP. The problem is, many who queue for it who use the “it’s just QP” line are the antithesis of those two segments of your post that I quoted.


Same. But then, i also main a Tank. And as i’ve shown in the video, when someone picks a Tank, the team comp improves instantly on their own, and you don’t get 5DPS.

QP is good as is, all that’s happening is that it shows the real state of Overwatch according to the players. The problem is the lack of people willing to pick the heroes needed. Tanking is in such a bad state right now that nobody wants to tank.

Of the hundreds of hours i’ve put into this game over the years, i very very very rarely see anyone legitimately throwing in QP. They always try. You don’t get people jumping off cliffs, or building turrets in spawn. They may pick heroes they’re bad at, they may not be bringing their A game into it, but they atleast give it a shot even if it’s a Winston jumping into a Bastion.

That’s usually said when you have a tryhard on the team.

Group comes in from Comp to “warm up” and takes the game too seriously. QP regular essentially tells them to piss off.

Only for it to turn out that the ones on the payload are the regulars.

The tryhards kept getting left behind “strategizing”. It’s QP, high IQ plays are wasted when the standard play is to YOLO. Every time someone complains, i don’t type it, but i just roll my eyes at it “It’s just QP”. We don’t care about wins, we just go into it with heroes we find fun.

If certain heroes are nerfed to the point that they’re horrible to play, don’t be surprised if they’re not getting picked.

All that would happen is that you get Bronze Sombras along with GMs. As i’ve said, outside of Comp, very few people play heroes in their top 5, and it’s not unusual to find players that don’t play heroes in their top 10. They may have a GM level Reinhardt, but their Mei can barely walk, and with no incentive, that Mei is the one that’s going to get picked because she’s more fun.


Literally impossible…

The idea that a GM on an “off hero” suddenly isn’t a GM player is a fallacy. Positioning, game sense, and teamwork are what separate GMs from the rest of the players in the game. Knowing a win condition and activating it (hacking a zen before your team hits nano-blade) doesn’t require massive mechanical skill or a huge, deep pool of specific hero proficiency. That GM player still knows how to win a team fight whereas a diamond or plat would not and waste time mindlessly spamming trying to get and hit q to win.


He’s partially right.

If you make me play Hanzo or Reinhardt, you’ll think I’m literally throwing the game.

Not everyone is good at every hero. I shine best on Zenyatta, Genji, and Mei.


Happens all the time. In QP you can have high and low tier players on the same team. That happens when the GM consistently does not play his main. Which, as i’ve said, happens all the time, especially if that GM is a tank main.

Tanking is a horrible role, and with no incentive to play them, you’re not going to see them outside of games that matter.


I’m hoping when 2-2-2/role queue comes that they create another version of QP with 2-2-2/role queue. But keep the old QP around for people who like the current dumpster fire it is. So both groups can be happy and don’t have to play with each other anymore.


Thats sad you say that. I use it virtually every time, i find it rewarding to a point where i stopped playing comp and play qp mostly. I have made a ton of friends through it…
Know what i’m going to make a thread about it…the “group finder” is dead pops up too much.


If you play like 400 hours of Quick Play, you’ll learn how to win it half the time.


You could just form a group for your quickplay and play against the enemy team as if it were competitive? QP is the best mode for learning how to counter heroes as people pick whatever hero they want, it’s also a good mode for warm up before comp.

I’m currently training myself more with Mercy and Ana on it due to the weird compositions that come from it


It’s dead compared to when it first came out* … there, revised


I just want a serious game that doesnt swap sides. Something quick, but with the expectation that everyone tries.


I never agreed with a new mode added for “unranked” I truly thought that QP was somewhat salvageable? but no … QP is actually worse than Arcade MH.

There its, i’ve said it. QP should be like “Unranked” and it is actually played like “Arcade Limits” (because doesn’t allow hero stack).