Most heroes gone even though played overwatch 1

Same. I’ve got the saaaaaaaaaame dang problem. PC.

same problem. play on pc and ps4

Same here, just logged in and my roster is gone. Console here, PS5.

Me too Xbox one. They are really starting to look pretty dumb at this point. Smh

Same….I’ve been playing overwatch 2 with all my ow1 cosmetics but suddenly most my characters are locked though all my cosmetics appear to still be there. This only occurred this evening…very frustrating

This just happened to me as well. Logged in and am missing most heroes that were there all day yesterday and have been there for the last six years.

Yup same here. Never had this issue. Just got after maintenance

Same here. I’ve been playing overwatch since it first came out and now all of the heroes are locked? Please fix this blizzard

yea. i think they still think they are some kind of small indie studio who “yes guys we make mistakes sometimes” but this has been almost a week of launch, you butchered one of the things that people loved, and now what? expect us to believe that its gonna be overwatch again? this overwatch 2 bs their cramming down our throats is so awful, it wreaks of “money money money!” when they should be focusing on the community instead of “how do we get more money how do we look like a really good competitive game oh lets give streamers higher priority” its so bad lmaooo.

I’ve bought the first game and as expected, I had all of the characters with no problems since launch. Now, its Oct 10 at 11pm and I don’t know why but I’m just getting this bug now…

Same on pc

I’m having the same issue. I’m glad I backed out of a queue for comp to change a skin or I’d have never notice and loaded in without them.

Posted on bug forums.

Do not purchase anything until this is fix - its broken - do not fall for bait and switch.

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Same. One day I’m vibing the next all my heroes are locked, also bastion doesn’t exist anymore and isn’t selectable

here is a fix just uninstall the game… stop playing blizzards games. eventually they might learn. to many times has blizzard screwed up and continued to get support.

it’s back for me now on pc, but torbjorn is locked for competitive

also bastion is still gone

They want $10 every 9 weeks for this, which is $40-50/year

Same thing is happening to me. This shouldn’t be an issue in the first place. It’s just wrong decision after wrong decision for blizzard. I could accept a few of them but most of them they are just wrong. Like why lock them in the first place it’s bad for new players. I don’t think new players want to play 150 games to play to unlock all the characters. Please blizzard fix the game.

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