Most DPS players already can't

So we’re gonna pretend that there aren’t an influx of toxic Mercy players who feed, res someone into a 2v6 to force someone ELSE to feed, and be toxic in chat because they couldn’t get carried to a W?

The toxic Hog/Zarya/Ball who’s really a DPS player but queued tank to dodge a long queue and lacks the awareness to not feed?

The Rein who wastes barrier on trash damage and mashes “I need healing” when he’s missing 5HP?

DPS players are far from the only toxic players on OW lmao

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They are the worst though, if by sheer numbers than anything else.

Got a source for this or are you just projecting?

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A source :roll_eyes:

Prove me wrong - with a source.

It doesn’t matter what the stats are. We aren’t gonna act like salt and toxicity are exclusive to DPS.

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The OP didn’t - he said the majority cannot handle it - and while I disagree with it maybe being a majority of DPS, more like maybe half at best, it’s clearly strictly even by equal distribution of this attitude more from DPS because there are more of them relative to Tanks and Supports separately.

The burden of evidence isn’t on me because I’m not the one making claims?

That’s like saying all supports and tanks are OP cause their pickrates are higher than all the DPS. Even though there are less choices for them so they have a higher chance of being used in a game.

But that’s not the case, is it?

There’s more DPS players, so more of them have a chance to be toxic. I agree. But I’ve seen some pretty nasty tank and support players. If anything, that being the case when there are less of them means there’s a higher percentage of them.

Doesn’t matter, I gave logical reasons why numerically, if toxicity is equal among all three roles why more DPS express the attitude. I gave more proof than you already.

Just deal with it, it doesn’t mean you individually, I do all three roles about equally, but I guarantee you DPS has overall the least mature, least team-oriented, and lowest game knowledge set of players hands down.

That makes absolutely no sense mathematically. You literally are making the case you have seen some with no evidence toxicity is not equal among the groups.

It doesn’t? What’s 1/10 vs 1/50? It’s basic math my guy.

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No you are literally just making up a number based off “some” anecdotes of some behavior. You are making things up period.

I do believe some tanks and supports get very toxic, I can be on occasion when I have two idiots on Reaper+ JR against Pharmercy and I have to actually stop and ask them to swap.

But no question the less mature, team-oriented and knowledgeable playerbase is on DPS. This is a no-brainer.

Like you aren’t? Make it make sense lol. If we’re both speaking from personal experience then we’re both making stuff up. So you can speak from experience and I can’t? Make it make sense.


I am not.

If toxicity is equal among the roles, then there is no other outcome except more DPS players by number are toxic than either Support or Tank.

50% of players are DPS
30% Support
20% Tank

The math on this simply irrefutable. I do not think most DPS are toxic, but if there is toxicity, it’s statistically going to be DPS.

I’m losing brain cells. You provided no evidence because you provided no source.

Also, I’m not arguing whether or not there are more DPS than other roles, I’m arguing that role has no effect on toxicity.

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The evidence is simple:

50% of players are DPS, 30% Support and 20% Tank. Assuming equal rates of toxicity more DPS are toxic by population. Which incidentally supports the OP’s general comment, though I disagree by far it is “most”.

Now, to support the claim DPS is worse, I do believe this is true simply because the maturity level of DPS tends to fall below Support and Tank roles, no question on this.

But how often are you gonna run into them if they’re waiting 5+ minutes for games when the toxic tanks and supports can get into their next game in 2 minutes or less? They’re gonna pop up in people’s games more often.

You’re stating your personal experience as if it’s fact, yet my personal experience says otherwise. You’re not going to invalidate me just because you have bad luck.

Literally doesn’t make any difference in the discussion.

i can handle losing vs every support

but not Ana and her stupid broken kit-

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Getting slept, 'naded and shot by a small bouncing hitbox is annoying isn’t it?

No one complains about being out dueled by Zen or out sniped by Ana, because they actually takes skills. The rest mostly just spam cooldowns and just pray that the enemy cant aim.

Comes OW2 if Supports are reworked to require more aims to win, no one can complain