Most DPS players already can't

Handle losing duels and fights against supports, how do you think they are going to react in OW2 when support is literally being forced to DPS more? I’m curious, cause the amount of rage I get when I win a fight against a McCree or Genji in a 1v1 is extremely satisfying right now. Sometimes it is even 1v2 their pocket, and that makes it even more satisfying.


Most Overwatch players can’t handle losing a duel in general… or even a game for that matter


Yes, and most OW players are DPS. Que times reflect that.



DPS don’t live rent free in my head so I couldn’t think less how bad they feel when they lose a duel to supports.


I see three things that might happen to a person after this: They adjust, they leave or they ask for nerfs.


Well many support players are freaking out about being free kills in OW2, especially to Genji and Tracer, you should tell them this information to put their mind at ease.


Apparently I live rent free in your head cause you always post bad takes like this in response to things I post.


No they aren’t. They are freaking out about healing getting nerfed.


I can’t wait to start doing a little more damage as OW2 Brig

I suspect the increased distance on bash will get me more kills than the 45 extra damage to be honest


I always love beating DPS as a support, especially with Brig

I haven’t had any remarks made on my gameplay as of late…

Hopefully the entire support class is shifted further from healbots and closer to DPS/utility, which is more in line with other similar games.


I remember DPS players hating moira because she would do too much damage, and was able to duel them. I guess they want healers to be ‘bad’ DPS instead of supports? Because when we had a good DPS healer they were shamed.

Which is it I wonder?


God help them the first time a content creator gets killed by a mercy or whatever. The secret discord will seethe with rage.


If supports are getting increased damage. People would use them like reddit Lucio wanna-be’s. :smirk:

I take pride in being one of the rare Mercy players who shoot back when they get harassed by flankers. It’s even funnier when they tilt when I manage to fight them off.

If OW2 is gonna make that even better, bring it on already lol

Idk…why should we try to solve someone´s angry issues? Many people also can´t handle “defeat” on their screens, so they left before end. I main support, but I also play dps. I have no issue even if Mercy kills me. Go play WOW and watch how healers there can gut you in PVP - holy paladin perhaps :+1:

Or better yet,

The D.Va took their ultimate.

support actually better duelist compared to a dps

unless its tracer

ana have easier time to win a duel against anyone except maybe flashbang FTH mcree
bap can easliy roll any dps, he has better gun and cd for dueling
moira is good duelist up until high diamond
lucio is hard to kill making it good duelist, and will win by outsustain enemy dps
zen is good duelist if u have good aim
brig also good duelist except vs sniper and pharah

so that only leaves mercy, which her pistol hitbox size is a size of a truck

so support are actually a better duelist than most of DPS roster because their sustain and cd

support with cooldown avaiable will win 60-65% while dueling vs a dps, if they are equal skill

Pretending DPS players are the only ones who get salty in this game.

Good to see the forums never change.


Yes the logic that they should auto-win is astounding. Do they think Support players are weaker because they opted to play a Support so they should just win ? Or that gasp Support players also play DPS and might actually be better players to start?

They clearly are the most annoyed at a loss out of all three groups, no question. A lot of DPS players have bought into this mythology:

DPS > Tanks >> Supports…

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