Most common OW erroneous claims

People who say hanzo and mccree are braindead and broken

McCree is overpowered yeah but hanzo? He isnt overperforming

Ive even seen people say hanzo doesnt take aim. I cant even fathom that claim

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“I think brig is in a good place now after her 19 nerfs. She’s still OP tho so maybe they should reduce her shield bash to 5 damage and no stun.”

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i got 3, they’re a sort of trinity

“we need more shields”
“we need more healing”
“we need more damage”

they’re very rarely true

Excusez-moi?!? Are you havin’ a giggle?

Brig is trash.

Its fine for niche heroes to be trash niche because they’re easy to play/just designed that way".

Doomfist: literally everything about him. From all players.

That there isn’t enough Anti-dive/Antiflanker in this game.

People dying over and over but proceeding to blame anyone that isn’t themselves. If you’re dead first each fight. You need to change lmfao.

You can throw in qp all you want.


This is the reason why I provide the dev post archive.


Almost every claim I hear on the forums made about doomfist seems to be false.

People saying that brig is bad or dead.

I lost because of my team.

A lot of people are under the assumption that Junkrat takes zero skill and doesn’t require aim… but he has the heaviest arc in a primary fire, in the game.

If anything, being accurate with him requires intense aim because you have to account for travel time of the grenades, but also the arc of them, but also the enemies moving, but also also the shots bouncing off walls.

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Reapers good because he killed me in gold


Hanzo is a sniper?
Hog is dps?
Forced loses exist?

  1. people thinking sym’s projectile orb size compensates for how slow they move to aim them. THEY DON’T :point_down:
  1. people thinking sym can easily have lvl 3 beam AND all 3 turrets shooting 1 enemy for 300dps often. SHE DOESN’T

getting level 3 beam is already a huge ask in itself because it’s at least ~2.5s of keeping sym alive right in front of the enemy team let alone getting her there. to further try to get 3 turrets which she doesn’t have targetting control over to shoot the same enemy AND not have the enemy team destroy nor escape them despite how easy it is to do so is even more unrealistic. heck widow headshots (that deal the 300 in a burst rather than sustained over a whole second) occur more often then that situation.


The Devs have said they regret ever making Doomfist a hero and are actively trying to delete him.

Trust me, they definitely said that.


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“Symmetra breaks barriers”

Sure. As well as any other hero.

“Reaper is a tank buster”

Sure. As well as any other hero since his rework.

“Orisa should have more barrier health than Sigma”

Not a good reason. They function entirely different. And completely ignores how both regenerate and what their uses are. (Not saying Orisa doesn’t need a buff, I am saying this argument is stupid)

Well… it kinda does. It’s not a hard lock like Symmetra 2.0 but it is a lock on attack, because it can’t de-cloak a Sombra even when staying right infront of the beam, till she gets detected.

“Nothing dies”
“It’s impossible to kill anything”

I didn’t realize that draws were such a massive part of the game.

You’d be surprised what people still think is true, despite it being repeatedly said that it’s not:

  • that Mercy gave Reaper his powers
  • that Genji/Reaper/Soldier died and Mercy brought them back to life
  • that Mercy can actually resurrect the dead
  • that Mercy/Tracer do not age
  • that Lucio was designed as Canadian
  • that Pharah’s Native heritage was retconned in to explain her skins
  • that Brigitte must be adopted because her parents are blonde

None of these are true, and yet they persist.

People who claim Ana is OP.

Guys, she’s not even that good. Every tank except Ball and Hog can deal with her abilities. L2P.


I’m not sure if this was apart of this, but I’m under the impression the shield bash does 5dmg already

Moira is too strong right now.

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