More things to look at for SR

Since the OW team hasn’t been very transparent about SR gains and losses, I’m gonna spitball a guess here.

There aren’t enough things being looked at when determining SR.

It honestly sucks when you make several “pro gamer moves” or “1000 IQ plays” that helped your team win, but end up getting about the same SR as a game that you were being hard carried in. Just feels like all the perfect ana grenades, genji blades, turret positioning, meaningful zarya bubbles, ult interrupts, immortality field saves, etc… don’t get rewarded enough.

My guess is that the current system looks mainly at K/D, kills/healing per 10 mins, or dmg taken. Maybe accuracy too? In either case, it’s always felt like SR was being gained and lost at the same amount (unless you leave a game). I’ve only ever seen a MAX difference of 3-4 points.

I am Gold on this my primary account but recently took a “Smurf” through Bronze-Gold. I didn’t get any PBSR adjustments until 1900 SR, meaning my max SR per round was 25 until PBSR kicked in when I was 200SR away from my main account career high. Now I’ve passed my main account SR and continue to keep getting 30-35SR per win. But when I play my main account I can’t manage to get more than 22SR per win. Not even going to get into the match differences between the accounts.

I assume Elim/10, deaths/10, accuracy, and time spent on fire affects PBSR. Based on my experience with the two accounts I believe there is a cumulative stat that you have to over come to see PBSR even if you met the rest of the criteria.

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