More Ping options? (hold c wheel)

HI! Firstly, Im new to the forums. So, hello everyone! I hope to be of more discussions later on. onto the topic:

You know the wheel of information pinging? (such as: need healing, group up, ult status, etc.) well, I feel like the wheel is kind of under used. now, I should have a mic to play competitive, however for my circumstances I cannot use a mic. (id rather not discuss why I can’t, but in a nutshell: noise complaints)

but moving onto my suggestion/request, can the devs add more onto the wheel, or maybe let us add to it? (like say a custom icon on-top of a character with your phrase, with approval by dev team?)

my personal request is: add on options to ask for help, rather then just need healing? For an example: if an enemy (Mei) is flanking me as rein, I would like a part of a wheel that would say something like: need help or need support! with maybe the same group up icon over me.

This of course can apply to other circumstances such as a support asking for help from an attacker etc. Its hard to communicate you’re getting focused without a mic. An easy ping in solo q games would let people know u need support. Or even a button bind on a keyboard works as well! More over, sometimes I need people to focus an enemy if Im trying to lead without a mic. So, if I could aim my cross hairs at an enemy and hit g, it would do the same thing as attack the objective (a sort of? Hidden call out the game can do) and say something like attack this enemy?

I feel like this would help players lead in solo q. And of course, there could be buttons to say go left or go right etc. Anyways, that is my request, I feel the wheel/bind buttons for call outs can be a better tool. Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading!

They already stated recently that they tried a ping system but it didnt really work with the game

that really sucks. what were the trials/ bugs? the ping for the objective seems to work like everything else, so what went wrong?

Hi welcome to the forums!
I actually wondered that too ^^
Here is Jeff’s answer:

well, by that logic i can understand why. just being in lower games people cant communicate well if they dont have a mic. sometimes i even have people trying to cooperate but cant exactly communicate because some people cant use mics like i can. i know, grouping up is the best way to climb(group before comp) but, as a person who likes to solo because sometimes friends are not on or just because maybe i just want to hop from game to game on my own, or maybe just focus on my own skill, without a mic, its very hard to communicate and cooperate in a random team.