"More legendary skins than any other year"

This turned out to be a lie, right? AndyB said it didn’t include recolors, and if I’m doing my math correctly…

We got 2 new skins for Lunar New Year, and then we didn’t get anything until Overwatch 2.

Overatch 2 has given us 4 new characters, each with 2 legendary skins but the second skin is a recolor so 4 new skins there.

The Watchpoint Pack gave us 2 new legendaries.

The battlepasses have come with 6 each (including the mythic), so that’s a total of 12.

The shop, if I’m remembering it correctly, had made a total of 13 new legendary skins available over the course of the end of 2022 (Executioner, Star Sheep, Cyberhog, Gingerbread, Ice Angel, Cyber Dragon, Cursed Captain, Aztec, Art Deco, Artdevil, Witch, Mime [lmao], and Cybermonk).

Everyone’s favorite Support a Streamer event gave us Brigitte’s Medic skin.

If I’m doing my math right that’s a total of 34 skins.

Let’s take a look back at 2017:

We got 7 new legendary skins but one of them was a recolor so we’ll call it 6, 8 in Archives, 11 in Anniversary, 7 in Summer Games, 8 in Halloween Terror, and 7 in Winter Wonderland. That’s 41. We also got 4 new skins each (2 recolors) for 3 new characters, so that’s 6 more, and we got Police Officer D.Va. So we’re suddenly up to 48.

I’m probably missing a few from either year (especially the shop skins, hard to keep track of) but I really don’t think I’m missing 17 skins from 2022 that aren’t recolors to actually make it eclipse 2017.

They did make a new default skin for every old hero but Echo, so if you count those I guess it’s not a lie, but I don’t know why you’d count those when they’re literally common quality in the hero gallery.

It doesn’t REALLY matter, tbh, but, yeah, I found it interesting.


No, he said it didn’t include only the recolours from the Remix events.

Well, that’s dumb. But I guess you’re technically correct.

EDIT: Wait. No you’re not.

If we include recolors there’s 18 more, which brings 2022 up to 50, but we add 6 more to 2017, bringing it up to 54.

I was keeping track of this since the the LNY stuff really annoyed, however, after uninstalling on Halloween i left my doc untouched since it was hard to keep track of shop skins. Thta being said i will as this:

I dont think release hero skins or dlc heroes skins should count. Otherwise you should count OG OW release and all its skins plus you would also need to count the skins for DLC heroes in OW1 during 2017. Also those had 4 base legendaries instead of the 2 now so yeah, another point to OW1.

I do have to give sliglty more credit to OW2 as much as i hate it, There are also the Watchpoint skins, the apology Reaper one and i do think they released a few OWL skins.

Andy´s wording is really misleading if you ask me but one thing is clear, without the recolors im pretty sure 2017 had more skins than 2022, 2022 only chance of victory is adding recolors… so that tells you enough of the situation.

Fair, but there were 2, so that brings it up to 34 (52 if you count recolors).

Oh yeah, its a minimal amount, But 2022 needs all the help it can if it wants to come close to 2017

The original quote was referring to 2022, not OW2’s first year.

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No. AndyB, in response to criticism about Lunar New Year 2022 having only 2 skins, said that “this year will have more legendary skins than any other year.” It has nothing to do with OW2.


Thanks for dragging back up this memory I repressed right to the back of my mind.

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it’s the bad semantics that distinguishes blizzard from an honest game developer with no meaning quietly convenient for only one side (their side).

Because in the end we are all aware of the fact that they dismantled the original BP to make the shop more profitable with whale prices, that the PVE modalities that will be released now had to be released for OW1 before blocking to reorganize … and paradoxically open more shipyards of before (5v5 born in 2021, rework workshops, etc.).

Oh is that why Mime Moira was classed as a legendary?

Blizzard would NEVER lie to appease us and then have horrific business practices…. Ever

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Where’s AndyB though? Is he still getting paid? Because he probably shouldn’t.

He is busy playing Overwatch 2 and grinding for the new Mercy skin!

That new Mercy skin is almost as good as the Twitch event Dva skin! So glad to have more legendaries than ever