More CCs = stupid

I get they’re supposed to counter supports but with the buffs they’ve gotten now Im convinved the only support that struggles against flankers is zen and maybe Ana in the lower ranks
The rest has a a pretty equal or straight up good time no?
Like Kiriko and bap

Fair enough
Im definitely assuming Sombra too tho
No one likes her always translocating away and never dying
Poor reaper didn’t need a nerf tho

Yep, it will 100% work on her as well. I play as Sombra, I know I will have to be a LOT more careful of Cass now.

Do we know how much damage the nade will do

Nope. Nor exactly which powers it will silence. But Recall, Blink and Translocate are 100% going to be in there.

How is she doing at your rank though because top 500 players of any role are not the ones crying about needing cc to deal with mobility heroes or tracers.


Blizzard is balancing from top down.

This is what that looks like. Yes, Tracer isn’t a problem at my rank. But I am not complaining about Tracer, I am explaining why CC will increase.

Because your choices are more anti mobility powers, or harsh nerfs to mobility.


I get people want more anti flanker stuff and while I don’t like how most flankers suffer cuz of Tracer
Atleast imo since I know Genji is mostly a lower rank problem
But it’s annoying how they’re gonna give it to cass and probably make him one of the best dps again right after widow/Hanzo finally get some kind of nerf
Is it too hard to not have some hitscan/sniper be meta?

You should hear the complaints when one isn’t. People get REAL upset.
See when Mei was meta as an example. She wasn’t even played THAT much, but damn people were pissed.
Anytime Junk is meta as well, people lose their minds.

Goats wasn’t very hitscan like though… but again, people got upset there as well.

That sounds like a pretty fun hero actually, who doesn’t pull the cord of your controller. I would main him if he’s in the game.

Way not to understand top balance. Neither of them post buff will impact top 500 tracer. Your explanation is also wrong.

I both play and play against high mobility heroes. Sombra and Tracer are both in my top 5 heroes played, and so are McCree and Soldier. I have a fairly solid perspective of how annoying they can be to deal with, with the first hand experience that goes with them.

I also play a lot of tank and never had an issue with stuns in the past. In fact I think boops were always WAY more annoying than being stunned.

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This is still sad
He straight up wasn’t even strong
He got a single nerf and went straight to bottom of the barrel and even now when half the nerf got reverted he’s still bad
It baffles me people believed he was suddenly better than widow, sojourn etc cuz of a small spike in Junk otp’s at the top
Same with reaper in the beginning of OW2 where he was being played in OWL
I had to convinve people he wasn’t strong and they didn’t even believe me
Like it takes an einstein to understand the shotgun hero that got his damage nerfed even more coming into OW2 and needs to be right in your face to do anything is not better than 200hp widow :moyai:

True yeah

This I can understand but that’s about it

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If they don’t effect her enough, then they will have to put in MORE stuff to drop her down.

But since you are against nerfing Mobility, this is the future you are asking for.

Again. It is nerf Mobillty, or add anti Mobility tools. You don’t want the first, so you ARE going to get the second, and you will keep getting it until it works.

Sure this may not work perfectly, in which case, buckle up boyo, more will be on it’s way.


Well, I do. So thank you devs to bringing back some sort of cc to deal with hypermobility.

I always play Cass against genji or tracer, so I can’t wait!


Odd they think slows are CC-light. Ram’s slow is full-on CC. So is doom’s when you are a low-hp hero. Adding more slows is going to get incredibly annoying.

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Coming to you from… oh what a surprise… a Genji main.

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lol I think your read is as wrong as blizzard is bad at balancing.

If they want to rein in top 500 tracers, these buffs are not the way to go. These changes are not for tracers.

What do you think the mobility silence on the nade is for then?

I’ll give you a hint, it will stop recall, and blinks…

Come on, you can do this, I believe in you…

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Yeah, probably vs tanks more than for tracers.

So you can’t even work that out.

Well, I guess you should prepare for more to be added.

Why are you pretending to know blizzard balance? Your prediction on genji was so far off the mark lol….