More CCs = stupid

Did you not learn from OW1 or what?


It’s a cheap and unhealthy mechanics, double cheap and unhealthy when it’s easy to apply.

With tank becoming the bottleneck again this is extra stupid. Mei’s wall is already really good against solo tank and you want to give her more CC on top of that. Wow!


I like CC and I think the removal of it in OW2 was one of the biggest mistakes they made. I think not making them hard CC’s are a good compromise for now.


CC is necessary because in a game like this where there are characters that can hop around are so agile you can’t hit them, you need something that says STOP. you may think it’s lame and boring till you come across a tracer who’s dashing around and kills you before you can land a single hit because you don’t have the aim of a GM player, then you’ll be begging for it


I mean like people in general don’t like CCs. Not that everybody doesn’t like CCs.

And currently every role has some cc heroes for people to choose from already, with the tank role having the most options.

We don’t need MORE.

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Nobody likes being CC’d, for sure. Even I don’t. But I think more people like CC to be in the game than you think. I’m using myself as anecdotal evidence against that claim.


They don’t like nerfing mobility either which is your other option.

You have mobility, and you will have to have abilities like Moira’s beam, and things like flashbang.

You don’t want CC? Then Mobility has to take a major tuning down.


I think if people don’t like being hit by CCs then they would like it to exist in this game to an acceptable minimum.

Which we do have. Again, every role already has cc heroes, quite a few if we’re talking about soft CCs.

The “I don’t like to be hit by CCs but I want them” players” probably don’t play heroes that are affected by it the most.

i think there actually wasn’t enough cc in the game at this moment.

sick of everything flying around in 360 degree radius.


Just curious what mobility you mean exactly

To a degree I’m sure this is true, but I’d also argue the people who adamantly want CC removed are the also the ones who play the heroes that require it the most (e.g. flankers, ball, doom, etc). I think many of those players are fairly oblivious to how difficult their heroes are to deal with, but also dont want their mobility nerfed either.


No, it’s absolutely necessary. Dva, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Ramattra, Winston, Ball, Echo, Genji, Sojourn, Torb, Tracer, Lucio, Mercy. All of these characters and more benefit from movement and there isn’t much you can do to stop them. Mei and Cassidy should both get a slight nerf to something else though so they don’t start dominating lobbies with the slow.

Or third option. Don’t nerf mobility don’t introduce more cc

Small hitbox hypermobility.

Think Genji / Tracer, heroes which gain their defense by being hard to hit because they are fast and small.

They want a balanced game, so that isn’t going to happen.

“Just let mobility walk over everything” isn’t a good answer.


Is genji really that problematic?
I agree with tracer but atleast he doesn’t have a “No” option like recall/translocator

But snipers are currently the best heroes which flankers are supposed to counter on paper
Bringing stuff in the game that kills flankers easier aside from their damage being nerfed would just make snipers even stronger no?

Tracer is a problem in high ranked play, but not low ranked play. Genji is above average across the board, but is mostly a low ranked problem.

Have a look at the changes to nade, it is really to stop them…

Grounding for Genji, and the silence on mobility powers for Tracer.

Snipers are being nerfed in this patch as well. Flankers also counter other heroes, not just snipers.

IMO: We dont need more “outside the tank role”, to be specific.

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He said “more” when 13 out of 37 heroes has CC and 6 of them are either defensive or don’t do anything impactful.

I think “more cc” players are oblivious to how difficult mobility heroes are to play with them having the highest average death than most other heroes including low mobility heroes, support heroes and range heroes.

lol mobility heroes aren’t walking over anything so you’re wrong there.

you know whats cheap and unhealthy?

invulnerability at the push of a button

you know whats double cheap and unhealthy?

Infinite double jump and wall climb

you know whats triple cheap and unhealthy?

a mobility tool that also does damage and also gets its CD reset if a enemy you so much as breathed on dies

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Looks at T500 and sees how much Tracer is UTTERLY domination it.

Oh? tell me again how you think it is going?

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