More CC isn't fair to flankers

lol what?

Flankers already pay the price for their ability to bypass front line - lack of support from their own team + short range + engaging multiple enemies simultaneously.

Like there is a reason why they have the highest average death - because of the heavy price that come with the ability to flank.

Do not play “fair” lol… Don’t confuse your desire to healbot without a care in the word with flankers not being “fair” for disrupting that.


If it’s a strict 1v1, the zen should definitely die.

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The pain this little metal ****** induces me is unbearable.

Do not play Zenyatta into Doomfist. I’m begging y’all on my knees.

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Rein, JQ, and Ram are heavily affected by both Mei and Cassidy changes. Zarya is now forced to be a little more passive. Orisa shouldn’t change her playstyle too much but that is because her ideal playstyle is to go to spawn room and pick another hero.

The new CC will not go into flankers. It never does. It always goes into tanks because tanks are a higher value target and do not have the tools flankers do to avoid it.

Nah these cc changes to mei and cass will cripple like 99% of the tanks only two being somewhat immune are zarya and Orisa. Ram JQ rein winston doom is straight up going to be unplayable ball dva. Like none of these changes are healthy for the game supports are already Demi gods now we have to deal with a mei who is arguably extremely good and Cassidy with an ICBM that not only tracks you but slows you AND disables your movements. For 1.2 seconds that was LONGER than any Cassidy stun in ow1 so yes these changes are extremely terrible. Only hyper mobile heros that are an actual issue is ball tracer and Phara and mercy. Those heros are annoying to deal with but adding CC that pretty much claps everyone is terrible.

Supports also don’t play fair having all the utilities in the game and CC and having a passive heal and having just as much damage as a dps or more. Like the support role is coddled so much in this game it’s insane.


Anyone who has been dived by genji tracer sombra knows how bs and unfun that is

Especially when your attention has to be on your teammates to keep them healed. So even if flanker didn’t catch you, congratulations - you just let someone on your team die, as you were distracted.

Super unfun right? :blush:

You Mad Flanker Boi.

Can’t compete with BBC!

Big Bad Crowd-Control.

Yes. And I consider Sombra a bit more “fair” flanker, than Genji, for example - while she can sneak up on you, she can’t constantly jump/blink all over you.

To stop tank diving you, you need either extreme damage or CC.

They do play fair though…

Genji is super reliant on getting a kill when he engages to reset dash. If you can prevent that or force him to use deflect, he will be forced to retreat or die. Usually die since dash is the main way he can reliable get out of an engagement.

Sombra is very similar. Force her to use her translocator and she has to retreat.

Tracer is also similar, although she is more problematic because she has more mobility and a smaller hitbox.

Now I do think having some CC is fine, just as long as only a few heroes have it and that it requires some sort of thought to accomplish other than, say, throw flashbang at the ground and profit.

Though to say that flankers are unfair is silly. Being able to engage and initiate a fight in the backline is not unfair and is healthy for the game or else you get characters that can just sit in the back of their team without much considerable threat.


Not true genji can deal chip damage to some and not deal anymore for a long time and get dash resets it does too much damage hero is easy needs his range nerf

Did he lose his double jump and wall climb? As there are still enough heroes he can easily escape that way.

Tanks will always be the most affected by any form of CC because they’re on the frontline and they’re the easiest to hit. It’s also worth noting that every tank has a movement ability except Zarya, Hog and Sigma (assuming ultimates don’t count).

Cass may now be able to shut down every Rein charge with a single click for instance. If the mobility debuff is applied instantly upon being stuck, then he’s about to become a counter (maybe even an arguably hard one) to Rein, Winston, Ball, Doom and possibly D.Va, though she can at least eat it.

Mei on the other hand appears to be losing her ability to counter flankers. She wasn’t a counter in OW1, but her damage buff made her a very formidable threat to Tracer and Genji in OW2. 100 DPS that can be landed with near 100% accuracy is pretty insane, and it chunks down most of a flanker’s health before they can accomplish anything, often resulting in death. But now, that’s being removed in exchange for a slow that flankers will most likely easily escape - possibly even after securing a kill.

It might depend on how long the slow takes to build, but I see this one probably playing out as an indirect buff to flankers. If by chance it also slows down movement abilities, e.g. dash velocity is reduced and blink and recall take longer to complete, then it might be okay, but still weaker against flankers than her current kit.

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As if flankers can’t just keep their distance from Mei, so Mei would only touch them with icicle, probably. So only time flankers would have to worry is if Mei managed to corner them in room with only escape being past her.

Flankers want to be in the enemy’s backline if possible. If that’s where the Mei is positioned, which she should be if her goal is to peel, then staying out of her range isn’t an option. At that point, the flankers would just be better off swapping to Soldier, Cass, Hanzo, etc.

Flankers don’t really need to kill supports, just distract them from supporting. Annoying supports with long-range shurikens, for instance.

I’m not really sure what you just said and if you’re serious or not…

Double jump has a very predictable movement path and wall climb is vertical movement with no variation and is dependent on a wall to work, so in other words, be more out in the open or not be next to a wall with a ledge.

Once again, he is feast or famine, just like the other flankers outside of Tracer who is problematic like I said.

And being able to engage the backline is good for the game.

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The disruption strat certainly has its applications, but the end goal is always for the disruption to lead to kills. If the flanker isn’t actually getting kills, they should swap. Why spam long-range shurikens and make supports annoyed, when you can play Cass and make them dead?