More CC isn't fair to flankers

I just don’t think it’s fair to add more cc to counter mobility…which we all know is code for flanking dps. I know I’m biased since I main echo and also play lots of tracer, Sombra and Genji. But I still don’t think it’s fair. It feels like the devs and community came to a compromise when we buffed supports to help survive. Kiriko being added with 2 invulnerabilities and a very skinny hitbox. Zen got his boop + extra dmg from kick. Bap got his burst heals. Also the support passive in general. All this added up to a fair way to make supports feel less trapped. And it was done to avoid adding cc to the game which was one of the points of 5v5.

Now it feels like we’re breaking this deal. More CC is being added after we already put this stuff to help supports vs flankers. And now we’re adding even more? Idk it doesn’t feel right especially since it just came out of nowhere.

It’s also a huge slap in the face to tank players. The whole reason 5v5 and OW2 was more appealing was because tanks now weren’t getting cc’d to death. Now that’s probably coming back, granted not as extreme as OW1 but it will feel bad.

I just don’t think this is good for the game…:sob:


The only tanks these changes really effect are potentially Ball and potentially Doomfist, depending on how they’re implemented.

Before you got flashed, then chain cc’d and killed before you could do anything. Now, you just can’t use mobility and move slower. Tanks who were effected a lot, like Rein, are barely effected by this.

In regards to flankers… Well yeah. 5v5 was an insanely large buff to every flanker in the game, and they can’t really interact with the support cast in any fair or meaningful way unless something changes.

Right now supports have been artificially power crept to deal with flankers, and that’s not exactly a great solution. Adding peel in the form of cc that only really effects flankers is a better one.


Its not JUST flankers that they’re trying to create more counter-play for, its also high-mobility supports like Mercy / Lucio and high mobility tanks like Doomfist & Ball.


I doubt it. The most popular clips of tanks getting perma stunned was usually the big slow ones like rein or hog.

They’re not adding stuns back, and slows don’t effect Rein as much. They do, just not to the point where he dies in a single cc chain.

These changes really only impact dive and flankers. And they only really punish poor dive and flanks too.


I hope you’re right. The widow changes have me excited to play support again. I’d hate to trade that for not playing tank next season :sweat_smile:


I’m much more excited about hopefully being able to stop ball and doom from going wherever they want.


As always, this is going to be annoying to flankers and a downright nightmare to literally everyone else.


I don’t think too many people are upset about flankers having a harder time.


This is my fear. The hard cc in OW1 didn’t stop me from playing flankers but it did stop me from playing tank. I fear the same will happen next season. And this matchmaker CANNOT afford a mass tank exodus.


Yall not gonna pretend like u give a damn bout flanker players in this forum after the mountains of nerf genji,reaper tracer etc. Posts :moyai:

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Are you showing me a target he can easily kill? Cuz sure discord is great vs all tanks, but doom players fly in and out non stop.

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Keep in mind that 5v5 is considered by many to be a literal downgrade to conventional overwatch. I think a better solution for tanks would be to give them some passive stun resistance so that tanks can actually get out there and absorb stuns. It should be a varying percentage for all tanks, so less mobile tanks like Rein would resist stuns more than hypermobile tanks like Ball.


Zen can kinda melt him and can play in places that give him enough time to survive.

It’s not a perfect counter, but you shouldn’t be able to just kill a tank easily in 5v5

Didn’t say kill then easily, just something to stop them from constantly doing what they want. More so ball than doom.

Zen does stop him from doing what he wants. He gets melted when he dives in against Zen

I mean, lucio is quite a flanker on some maps…

Zen counters dive tanks just as much as they counter him, except they have mobility, defensive abilities, high HP, and CC. Doom can quite easily destroy Zen just by himself, whereas Zen would need the help of at least 2 other heroes to kill a diving Doomfist.

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Flankers in general do not play fair, so it makes sense to give them unfair deal.

Ability to pick your engagements, bypass frontline and target backlines should have heavy price.