Moira's 'bug fix' is worse than we think ( Proof )

Is this somewhere in a new patch ?

I completely understand and nevertheless, I am more than willing to keep on playing her.

However, I am not sure if my teammates will find it to their liking once her pick rates fall even further. In Diamond, she is on the verge.

it’s in the ptr patch notes, most people just paid more attention to the healing one ^^

I am confused – is this a new patch fix or the one we are discussing now ?

Yeah f this… if it comes out like it is now, then im gone for good or i will just insta lock. I do not wanna be stuck playing mercy because she’s the only one that can heal through barriers, neither is playing only zen gonna do well. Its almost becoming a meme with blizzard in regards of what they do or do not nerf

current one !


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oh thats bad :confused:
i thought it was on the new PTR from Friday

Updated: Fri, 08 Jun 2018 00:38:40 UTC

It is the old one and it is not about the healing, unfortunately.

This needs to be fixed quickly before it go on live, or they Will totally ruin Moira.
I don’t get It, why This Nerf/Fix? Moira was perfectly balanced, they only should make the healing through barriers a feature.
Also, they should Fix even the fade Bug. She can’t contest the objective anymore when She use Fade.
Please, don’t ruin her…

Also, if this go on live Mercy Will be more dominant and a Must-pick again…


If it goes live, then an angstfest is at least justifiable, otherwise it’s silly and petty, the fact is, this is this bug and it is PTR.

as i already said before this is a massive nerf than a fix.

for no reason

with no compensation


omg what are the devs doing… i mean there are heroes who have terrible bugs… such a reinhardt, mei, sombra… they break the game for it so the devs need to fix them… but the moira “bug” didnt break the game… the devs are breaking this hero with this patch…

Jees, this is even worse than I thought. This ‘fix’, or more effectively a nerf, has screwed Moira’s effectiveness up with all the shield barriers currently being used at the moment. Worst of all, if this goes live then Mercy will probably get a spike in her pick rate and then she’ll probably be unfairly back on the nerfing block again (when actually she needs a rework later on).


Heal nerf is not the problem atm.
Hitbox are.
Hitbox are ALWAYS the problem in OW.

While there is frustration shown in comments and such, the very purpose is to give feedback.

There is no sarcasm or theatrics in my original post, clear feedback.

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You know the drill boys. Let’s all have tantrums while we still can.

I agree, the theatrics award goes to the person I responded to


And yet you people didn’t post this stuff with Sombra nerfs.

oh the hypocrisy :slight_smile:

It’s not hypocrisy, these folks play Moira so that is what they care about.

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I cannot speak behalf of Sombra mains since I don’t have the hours or knowledge to detect her bugs.

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