Moira ult to easy to cancel

Quite a few people complain about Illari ult but nobody ever talks about Moira. Literally DPS ult. Maybe it’s because it’s too easily stunned? Literally every time I try using it offensively, intentional or not it gets canceled by something. If I use it like a zenyatta ult and hide in the back it’s fine.

Use it in safer ways? Like, wait for a distraction or something.

Uh…moira is one of the easiest ults to not get canceled? You can fade while ulting…


If it is getting canceled that often, you need to work on positioning and tracking abilities. There wont be many abilities in a match that can actually cancel your ult, plus with the fade buff, can even dodge cc with it.

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Moira’s ult also heals. Illari’s does not. And why is Moira typically considered a poor support? She has little to no value outside of her dps and mobility via Fade. Even at that, her dps pales in comparison to Illari.

tbf if they play sombra they can just hack you from stealth or emp it.

which is what i always did when i was practicing sombra, my job was to ruin the fun of moira players and i did it beautifully.

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Moira has a throwaway ult. In the off chance you got weren’t able to fade away from being stunned, you’ll have it back soon.

Well yeah sombra is garbage design she ruins the fun of everyone.

yeah, we’ll see how she plays after the “rework”. im going to laugh so hard if they barely touched her kit xD

I would not be surprised. This balance team loves to ignore community feedback so if we suggest a rework of the way hack works, they’ll rework everything but the hack.

You know you can fade during ult, right?
Also not having allies in front of you during this ult is a massive waste.

Ever since they made her able to fade in ult it’s been op because she can chase you behind cover. If a Moira using ult decides to kill you then you will die unless you and your team land some burst damage on her.

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