Moira- speed change

It took me a second to be honest, It’s a shame that they have kinda killed that game.


I play battle royale and I am good at it, hate save the world, was abouta buy it for the free skins

I would still like it tho

The Halloween special is up and I used to love it but … I’ve been in twine for forty years. I want that rn :woman_facepalming:t5: at least they’ve fixed the reward system

I still find it fun. Just to mindlessly farm. They killed the social aspect and never brought it back :frowning:

There are skins for it in battle royale? I’ve been here so long… I have everything I have no idea what it offers anymore :neutral_face:

I’m also grandfathered in to so many bonuses it just feels like I’m a dragon sitting on gold

Oh yeah, forgot about this

I definitely think it’s fun, but I really just cared about the story, I know the game won’t get any support, it forces me to install battle royale which I don’t even play, it uses 100Gb of storage, updates every day after a season, I just didn’t like it

I heard there’s a 20GB update coming up that’ll make it 60GB lighter which sounds cool I guess, but this is why I was saying rip stw they’re removing it as a meme (lul) but could be true

All and all, great game, amazing potential, screw epic games

(I love Ray actual top tier character)

Just the bonus one you get for owning stw, that pink one with pink pickaxe and the stw brella, stw got no love :frowning:

I think fade is as strong as it should be. I think that Moira is honestly where she should be. I think her build revolves around her output and self-sustain and I think those two correlate well together and it should exclusively be that way.

Moira is already pretty quick due to fade. I think a speed boost with coal is enough and I think another speed boost and her already kind of weird hitbox would tip her just a bit too far over the edge.

If we were going to change something, and people want to talk about cleanse and Blizzard has been applying cleanse to her as a test… it should be accessible but frustrating to do or sacrificial… IE: pull out orbs, hold shift and throw dmg orb at ally to cleanse off anti. Then she is stuck without a healing orb or dmg orb for the duration of the CD.

I can’t even see that being needed tbh. She’s probably alright where she is.

It made sense at the time but I didn’t realize it would be forever

I didn’t know. Yea it is huge. I wouldn’t have battle royale if I didn’t like the skins.

I’m enjoying harley quinn constructor bashing zombies.

In general, stw made me appreciate utility and value small bonuses. It’s tragic that it’s not loved by epic

Yes! I love the little baby robot too.

“Ugh! How old are you, five?!”
"I’m seven. "
“In …robot years?”
Sobbing… Hic- no…”

Like omg it’s so good!

Why do they hate me??? It’s why I have little hope for ow2 tbh

That’s way more powerful and I don’t like it

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i used to watch those scammer get scammed and founder pack videos

Lol what? Explain! I remember the scam notices but like… Videos? From what end?

it would be like pumpkin launcher items, and the guy would use edit tricks to scam people who traded on xbox, and scam other scammers with his own trades. The fortnite battle royale had a promotinal event where if you bought the save the world you got 2 skins in br

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Omg that pumpkin launcher was a constant notice in my feed. I can see this happening.

Who hates you?

It is and I don’t like it either tbh… but it seems to be what everyone including the devs are focused on. I for one don’t think Moira needs “utiltiy”… her entire existence revolves around being balanced for not having one and just because people like the word “utility” and that other healers have it surely Moira must as well…

I don’t mind the idea, I could live with it, but it also means reductions in other areas elsewise Moira becomes an utter monster…

I like her because she’s straight forward and her impact really depends on that straight forwardness being micro-managed and constantly analyzing escape routes/position while re-positioning and moving… It’s not like some other healers who hang out on the backline or pick a good LOS and hang out there and have sleep at the ready… she’s partially but not entirely bound to her team, where as Lucio really gets his best when he’s with most of his team…

I dunno. I think she’s chill the way she is too.

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Devs. Every single one.

All of epic. All of bioware. Don’t get me started on Jeff kaplan.


please don’t ban me Jeff. Tis but a joke

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Papa Jeff too powerful you never know

Who just opened the door?

< 20CharactersBypass >

Top 10 saddest anime fails

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:sob::sob: I already went to baby jail. He can’t keep doing this? I won’t be-

I agree. Which is why I suggested this change. I don’t really want her output to change direction. I feel like a small perma speed change or tapped to a timer wouldn’t really “change” her effectiveness or team value. It just gives some players more space within her kit.

If you play dps moira…this doesnt change anything. Usually orb is the kill thing for that. And if you mercy moira…it also doesn’t help as the values stay the same and I didn’t like, lower the cool down of fade and being slightly quicker doesn’t offer the same independence as lucio or mercy for movement.

Just a slight edge for people with the right hands

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Fade is broken enough on a 6 second cooldown.

but like why though? i think fade, life steal, and heal orb are enough for her

Lovely opinion I don’t agree with.

And I am suggesting things I would prefer. Considering the way they clearly seem interested in buffing fade, a small speed change is much less than…idk…

Team cleanse

I’ve always favored her to have higher heals. If they don’t want that, then I just want her more nimble.

I am not under the impression that moira is where she will be forever.