Moira Rework - Spoke’s thoughts

Hey all, Spøke here. 3650 peak Moira specialist with over 900 hours into her

I adore this hero but she is significantly held back by the current state of the game - as much as tiktok will try to say otherwise , she is not a good support hero

We are all aware that support struggles in overwatch due to the current design of it. Healing does not matter at all , dps and tanks have OHKO moves that are on the same cooldowns on support moves that have the ~potential~ to save someone , who just die to another move that an enemy comes in with. The best tank in the lobby can hard carry, the best dps can hard carry…. The best support? Not so much

What Moira has going for her is great healing output and survivability …. But…. Healing doesn’t matter. The only ‘utility’ that she provides is adding a lot of pressure through her reliable (but low) damage. She can barely do just enough to be a nuisance. Moira’s best shot at having an impact is just being an annoying fly on the wall. Which is so sad. And can be countered very easily. So Moira can either just watch as her team dies again and again while getting 15k heals per 10 , or try to be more aggressive, bait out hooks, suzu’s, nades, etc. she has to put in so much work to get the value that others do so much simpler

Also another massive issue. Coalescence. Coal is such a terrible ultimate. And it’s the most expensive. It barely does more damage than her grasp. It barely has any self sustain. And healing alone is not viable in ow2. It is the worst support ult in the game and yet it is the ult that takes the longest to generate in the game. It has to do more damage to make a dent or she just needs a different ult

I would love to see a reduction in her healing output to adjust numbers in other areas. Shorter cool downs , cleanse , increased damage. (Please don’t nerf fade - that beta +1 second crippled her) Something to where she can actually have an impact on the game. In the lore, everyone is terrified of Moira. In game , she is just a gnat buzzing in the enemies ears. Moira is all about duality and if she can truly be a dps/support hybrid…. Uh yes please

Moira has so much fun potential and I wanted to at least get my thoughts down. (Low key hoping she can be a backline assassin , my proudest ow2 moment is my kiriko duo and i diving a pocketed Ashe on a high ground , me killing mercy , her killing Ashe and we both teleport out.) Moira is so close to being amazing , even a minor buff to fade and damage output would go a far way , but fun support abilities to assist the team I wouldn’t complain about.

My fear of support changes is the onslaught of complaints from tank and dps players - I’m sure they don’t want supports to have a true impact but I’m confident our time will come (they have had their fun for far too long while us supports trot along behind)

To the devs, I do appreciate the time you have been putting into thinking about this rework (and with looking at working on the support class overall- I was very happy and excited to see that news) I’ve been wanting to say something for awhile so ty for reading. I’m excited to see what’s to come! Hope you all have a great holiday season! Truly loving ow2, just want my support brothers and sisters to be ok and enjoy the game too:)

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Wow, every thing you just said is wrong

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feel free to share replay codes from your games :clap:t2:

I mean the annoying thing is right. Look, I don’t play this character, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. But I fight a lot of Moiras. I am a Hanzo main, so this might affect it a bit with some bias. It really bothers me that Moira basically doesn’t need to aim, but you are right about her damage output. My thought is that her damage output should be heightened, in exchange for more skill being required to access said heightened damage output. This would make her the threat she is canonically while not making her broken. As you said, her design is about duality. You said healing isn’t as important in Overwatch 2. I disagree, but from the perspective of a Moira I understand that belief. The reason you probably think that is because of how Moira is effectively half healer, half DPS. So what I would do is give Moira more control over her orbs, being able to attach them to allies like Zenyatta. That way her healing could be more central to her kit rather than the orb just bouncing away, and the damage orb would be far more threatening since once it hit an opponent, the opponent couldn’t just get out of the way as they would start taking damage over time. This makes her damage output technically a bit higher since its more consistent. Now you said that Moira dealing chip damage makes her an annoying fly but I think that the threat of her damage through the orb would make her scarier and chip damage is kind of a fundamental part of her design, so you can’t really alter that. As for her abilities, Fade is a godlike escape option, so in theory her being an assassin sort of fits but you would have to fundamentally change how her beams work.