Moira players, 90% garbage

YOU ARE A HEALER!!! So why don’t you mainly start healing again -.- So many moiras are running around completely headless as if they were tanks, they go into enemy teams with NO BRAINS at all, often completely alone without their team… thinking they can dps the enemies to death until they die and end up messing with everyone of her teammates. The other support can’t make damage anymore because he literally has to heal everyone everywhere, the other teammates don’t get healed properly anymore. At least moira has 30+ kills and says, oh wow, what a carry am I :rofl: but she doesn’t get that she’s the actual reason her team sucks so much is a shame… Sorry but can you people either stop playing moira, or act like a damn healer again? And these are not new players I’m talking about… I’m talking about players plat and up as well…


I’ll keep doing it as long as they keep promoting me


The majority of players don’t actually play comp with the intention to win or rank up, which is really confusing.


In ow1 I used to get labelled as a dps Moira as soon as I threw one damage orb. I doubt it’s any different now. Just because they are fragging doesn’t mean they aren’t also healing a lot so I hope you are paying attention to the scoreboard at least. I often wish my Moira would finish things off more. I get tilted at them for the opposite reason when the enemy always escapes with 1hp.


No no no no… I’m NOT AT ALL tlaking about dps moira from the old days. I’m literally talking about those moiras who go in alone and try to kill everyone. Moira HAS TO DO DAMAGE! That was always clear to me also in the old days and I always countered people who said, ahhh stop making damage moira because it was clear they need to do dasmage. No the moiras I’m talking about are completely a new race that think they can do EVERYTHING by themselves. Can’t believe you haven’t crossed those players yet… they are obvious’^^ No, of course moira needs to do damage, but when a moira has only 2K heal after a full match instead of 20K, then there’s something VERY wrong :wink:


If you want Moira to heal you, she needs to do damage. If she runs out of healing, she needs to DPS in order to recharge it as its passive recharge is incredibly slow.


Yeah i think we all get that part about it, problem is, Moiras are DPSing even when meter is full and ignoring tanks and DPS would spam “need healing” Moira is reverseingher roles. She is a healer first DPS second. That would be like Mercy just using her gun instead of healing ALL the time or Zen just using his damage orb and spamming his orbs (which does happen quite a lot too).


I posted this in the general forum a few days ago. I had a comp game where I did 15,000 healing and 5,000 damage as a Moira and even though my team won they told me to go learn how to play her because apparently having 5,000 damage was garbage. Yeah that’s right, they wanted me to DPS.


support not healer

she’s supposed to be a third dps with healing utility if she is not dpsing she’s playing it wrong(going in 1v5 is obvsly wrong - i mean normal dpsing) consider going hog if you’re on tank or soldier/reaper/mei anything with sustain basically if you feel like you’re low on heals also healthpacks exist


That Moira is probably trying to make up for your team’s DPS not being able to hit anything :man_shrugging:


There are no healers in this game. Instead of complaining get this in your brain first


I feel you, the majority of games I get a Moira in my team they are always throwing purple balls and not healing properly.

Moiras of the world: It’s okay to do damage as Moira, but if your team is in need of healing, don’t overuse the purple ball, they will need a healing ball sometimes and you will have it on CD.


Well, I can’t argue that you there. Before I quit most of my losses were from horribly bad DPS.

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If you listen to the forums, they’ll tell you Moira is an unstoppable monster who carves through the enemy team like butter with her unparalleled damage and needs to be nerfed into the ground. I’ve run into my fair share of quickplay Moira’s who play like they’re dive tanks… funny how poorly that works out for them in most games.

Moira should definitely be doing some damage to be worth the pick, but diving into the enemy team with no escape plan and expecting them to just not notice is… well, let’s just say, whatever hero those players picked, I’d question their gamesense. I wouldn’t say it’s a typical thing I run into though.


90% of the time if I’m playing dps moira it’s because our tank is potato so I’m diving with my Genji or Tracer because healing my tank would be a waste of resources and time. I don’t think Iv’e lost a game yet with an aggressive Moira playstyle.


Yep, can’t agree more. They wont even listen to good advice, most stuck with one hero/solo pushing/dont teamplay…

Meh. There will always be bad players on every hero and role.

Although, I don’t think flanking as Moira is inherently bad anyway. Getting kills is arguably better than healing, because a dead enemy deals no damage to be healed. I always focus healing on Moira, but I will definitely start jumping behind the enemy team if their back line isn’t dying enough. Like I’m sorry but if nobody is going after a Widow that’s just trying to headshot me all day, then it’s more valuable for me to flank her than to be constantly trying to avoid getting headshot (because guess what: healing suffers when I can’t move around freely or am getting killed).

Also, one thing to remember with the whole “Moira has to deal damage to heal” is that Moira does not have long range damage (orb doesn’t charge heals). So pay attention to what your team is doing, and how big the gap is between both teams. Moiras may have to get more aggressive when they have a tank that keeps backing up, because they simply don’t have the range to charge heals from behind the tank. With passive teams, you get stuck either with 0 heals and waiting for it to slowly recharge, or you can start doing quick little flanks and hope your team starts following your lead.

And on top of all that, Moira has pretty good survivability and mobility. I know there are times when I appear to be pushing up too far and a teammate tells me to come back…But you have to remember that Moira’s Fade is a really solid escape that allows her to be aggressive and then quickly get back to her team. Bad/inexperienced Moiras will still overextend and waste Fade and die, but decent ones will know their limitations and when to retreat.

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hardstuck bronze confirmed

Theres doing dmg then theres literally moiras going into their backline and trying to kill everyone resulting in them dying and their team dying… I see this WAY too often. So many of them literally throw games like this.

Man, I use the healing orb more often than not.

I think only once in my whole playtime got out of juice as Moira. You dont need to spam the healing. Just apply it once, and healing last a few seconds.

You can literally heal almost forever without attacking, with proper management. That argument is so BS.