Moira Orb goes through Mei Walls


I was playing, as Mei, Petra deathmatch on August 6th 12:40 AM.
When I encountered enemy Moira at a hallway while on low health, I immediately put up a wall and ice blocked.
Then the Moira’s damage orb casually passes through the wall.
(I died after several seconds)
I looked up on google about this issue, and apparently this has existed since November 30, 2017.
So why hasn’t this game-breaking bug been fixed for 9 months?

More detail: Seemed like the Orb might have passed through between the two “pillars” of the Ice Wall.


Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – March 24, 2018:

It is already supposed to be fixed.

The next time this is happening should you record it and post the video here.
The game allow you to capture highlights so please use it.


Alright, thanks. I will do that. Where should I submit the highlight once I have it?


Upload the video on and post the URL of that video here.