Moira Nerf: It wasn't a bug, it was a feature

While looking over the PTR patch notes, this bug fix for Moira leaped out at me:

Moira is the deathball/meatball/quad tank main healer. That is her shtick. Being able to pour heals into a grouped up team separates her from Mercy and Ana in the
Main Healer role. And a good (possibly vital) part of her kit is the ability to heal teammates thru barriers. If you remove the feature, she loses a huge part of her ability to keep her team alive. Ana’s inability to heal thru barriers when dive became big was as much of a reason for her drop in pick as was her lack of mobility.

Moira has had this feature since launch. Players from QP to OWL use Moira when they need to slam their team thru a barrier heavy opponent. Removing it means that only Mercy maintains the ability to heal thru barriers. And we don’t need to limit healer viability. Leave the feature we’ve had since launch alone.


solution: remove mercy’s barrier healing

winston mains will reign for another golden century!

please revert. mercy has the best mobility of all the supports on top of the ability to heal through shields. that doesn’t even make sense. she’s the healer that least needs to be able to heal through shields (because she can get in and out the fastest) yet she is the only one that can. moira needs to heal through shields more than any other healer does because

  1. healing is the ONLY thing she is good for. she has zero utility like other support heroes do.
  2. her healing has the shortest range of any other healer. this is already a big drawback.

she’s is balanced right now, not even highly picked especially in high elo she has an abysmal pickrate. calling it a “bug fix” does not change the fact that it’s a huge nerf and will hurt her viability when she is not even strong.

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How about we not nerf Mercy anymore and instead we look to restoring Moira’s ability to heal through barriers. Nerfcy has been through enough nerfs after a somewhat disastrous rework, in the end she really needs another rework but that can come later on.