Moira Mythic Skin Customization Not Changing Customization


I’m a Moira main and I was ecstatic to once again play Overwatch and come back to this game with the announcement of the new skin. Besides the slight lag feel when using her heals and coalescence, it’s by far my favorite.

I recently customized to the dark/green variant of the mythic skin with the 2nd mask option, and saved my changes. Perfect! Stomping the competition as a dark green Moira felt amazing. Then I went to log out for work and came back to see all my hard work customizing this skin vanished and it was defaulted to the pink/white colors. I then tried customizing it to no avail. I was not able to even double click on ANY of the options to move the little green check mark to the other options. It was stuck!! ACK! I then created a whole new loadout and faced the same issue. Couldn’t customize the skin!

ETA: PC-gamer here. I’m not sure if it’s related or not, but I experienced the same thing with the new Moira icon as well. I lost it to the default Overwatch icon and thus had to change it back to what I had.

Please address this experience breaking bug and bring some Mercy to this Moira Main.



Im actually having the same issue on console and havent figured a way around it


Had all of my customization reverted between matches, and I couldn’t make any changes after. Closing and starting the game again let me customize again though.

I literally had same experience with that skin… Same customization. I had to exit game and then it actually saved all changes. Using this customization option made my game crash…

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I’m PS5 it won’t let me customize, I can’t even change the selection, it’s like I’m in preview, every time I go back is the pin default one

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Her voice is bugged as well. I can hear it, but ppl in game hear her normal one.

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The orbs are also bugged for other players… cant see the eyeball. Unless that was intentional.

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I’m having the same issue. I was soo excited when I unlocked it but now I’m just disappointed :frowning:

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same here 20 characters

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I don’t have the skin yet myself but my partner has and he is having the same issue. Not being able to select the customization. I hope it gets fixed soon coz the skin looks amazing.

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Hey Blizzard can we have Moira say her cosmic crisis ultimate voiceline instead of her normal one just filtered once the mythic is unlocked.


I’m having the same issue, and I was playing with enemy mythic Moira her balls looked normal, plz fix

I’m also having this issue. It’s kinda insane.

Seems to still be an issue

Her new voice is SO BAD, it’s terrible. Just a bunch of lazy and horrible, overdone voice FX. She sounds even way more robotic than Orisa.

I can’t stand listening to her lines now. There needs to be a way to toggle this off.