Moira has no lock-on 👏

They need some excuse to explain why getting killed by a paltry 50 DPS wasn’t their own fault.


yeah it’s a massive hitbox beam, that takes little to no mechanics to use.

You can bodyblock and evade a beam, you cannot do that to a lock-on. There is a functional difference, and misinforming people because your salty just leads to lower quality teammates.

Moira’s beam is easy, braindead, big, etc. Plenty of other words to use without spreading misinformation.


People saying Moria has lock on are just people trying to find ways to prove Moira is some type of low skill hero.


No it’s more or less to stop the spread of misinformation. That’s really all there is to it.

Also, nobody is disagreeing she’s easy to aim with. She’s a pretty straightforward hero.


Only her Orb has a lock on but it doesn’t really matter if her primary fire has a lock on or not, the hitbox size of that thing is so huge that you might as well say lock on. You can be a whole character off and still hit your target but that’s what Moira mains don’t like to hear. They want (you) to believe you need aim to play Moira.

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She’s is though. There’s nothing wrong with that though. Idk why people get so defensive about that. Like I main Solider. And I admit he’s the easiest dps in the game. When people say he is I don’t start commenting (insert nerd voice) “uh actually, if you hold his primary fire down it becomes less accurate, so he’s far harder aim than you expect”.

Like come on. Moria is easy and her aim is easy. They designed her like that.

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She has a lock on in one single case only. And that is she doesn’t connect to a cloaked Sombra.

Sombra can walk between a beam target and Moira, and it doesn’t hit her.

It doesn’t entirely act like a wide beam.

It has the disadvantages you would expect from lockon with none of the advantages.

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It’s a soft lock on.

Yes Moira is easy to play, but we need to be factual about it

Also I find Reaper and Pharah far, far easier to play than Soldier.



How exactly am i spreading misinformation here? I know that it’s not a lock on and i said exactly that.

In most cases you won’t be body blocking unless you’re a tank. And if you are your hitbox will be big enough to get the soft lock on attached to you. So basically there’s close no no difference. People just don’t like the idea of being called bad for playing a lock on

A soft lock isn’t interrupted when you bodyblock unless it’s been sometime. Lock-ons do not detach so easily. The difference is the time and detach requirements. A soft lock is a shorter amount of time. Hers is instantaneous.

And I meant a general you, though you defending people spreading misinformation isn’t much better.

There are many, many other things to call it. I’m sick of watching teammates fail to body block for low health allies against her, giving her a free kill, while reading about how she has lock-on.

She doesn’t. I’ll never understand this obsession with lying about Moira by some people. Its not like it’s hard to call her braindead instead.

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They would like people who are going to complain about a hero have the basics right.

It is like hearing people complain that widow one shots people through shields.

Or that reducing spread on a heroes fire is a nerf.

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This is probably gonna surprise you, but the reason why people aren’t body blocking isn’t because they think that it’s a lock on. Most people just don’t body block in general.


I wish we could actually get a developer to confirm it so people will shut up saying its any kind of lock on.

Exactly. That reaction is my point.

I actually have had teammates that will bodyblock for things like missiles, but almost never for Moira. Hell I see a lot of Roadhogs not do it while blocking for literally everything else.

And if you think that people spreading lies that specifically tells people such a thing is pointless has no impact on why that’s the case, then there is nothing more to say. :woman_shrugging:t6:

It’s not a lock-on, but it doesn’t require any semblance of tracking skill either.


“Paltry” 50 DPS that’s impossible to miss and also heals herself for 30 HPS*


It’s so generous that it can be mistaken as lock on.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s lock on or not. By all accounts you could call that a soft lock on.

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