Moira has no lock-on 👏

You are incorrect.

but, please, establish the truth of your claim.

Here is a basic argument that you probably can’t refute

Choose Mercy and latch your beam onto someone. Now move your screen such that the beam target is no longer on the screen or is no longer centered at all

See how the beam stays latched on? That’s a lock-on

Now do the same with Moira.

You see how the beam stops doing damage when the character is no longer centered?

Not a lock-on

I look forward to you attempt to show how this is wrong

See how the beam stays latched on? That’s a lock-on

This is the fallacy. Who says that’s lock-on? It’s not defined by the devs/in the game. If you want to make a division between soft and hard lock, fine, but I’m perfectly within my right to say Moira has lock on as much as you are to say she isn’t. It’s a completely arbitrary definiton.

I guess I can say Hanzo is a hitscan then. If we are going to ignore what words mean. Projectile / Hitscan is arbitrary as well, they are just arbitrary words used to describe VERY specific game mechanics.

I think I’ll next move hero names around, and ability names around, they are arbitrary as well.

So this hack ability Hanzo has. it is crazy strong.

She doesn’t have a lock on. My issue is her INSANELY large hit box. :stuck_out_tongue:

But a hitscan is a very clearly defined concept, unlike lock-on. Hitscan just means the server checks to see if your crosshair was on the target before registering a hit.

Devs have defined lock-on with their changes to Symmetra:


  • New Abilities

Photon Projector

  • No longer locks onto targets

That was the day Symmetra was changed from her lock-on beam to the non-locking beam she has now, and the lock-on version is shown in the OP’s video @ 3m03sec.

Moira’s damage beam works exactly the same way as current day Symmetra/Zarya’s beam now, which is a straight beam with no locking at all.

Lock on is ALSO very well defined. The devs have been using it to describe abilities which change in size after the first touch.

See Mercy beams, Sombra hacks, Old Sym, etc.

What you’ve just posted explains that Sym had a lock on beam, which we all already agreed upon. It did not say Moira didn’t.

You wanted Blizzard to define lock on, there it is. Symmetra had a lock-on, then it was removed.

Moira works the same way as current Symmetra, which does not have any locking.

If it were we wouldnt be having this debate. I and many others maintain Moira has, at the very least, a soft-lock, which as a type of lock-on by extension means … Moira has lock-on.

The only reason Moira playrs fight this inevitable truth is because they know the devs are turning against lock-on heroes.

No Moira player is worried about Blizzard nerfing lock-on heroes because Moira doesn’t have lock on, so it wouldn’t affect them.

So Hanzo has soft hitscan, got it.

if we can add the term soft to anything which means “not at all, in any way”, then we can say Hanzo has soft hitscan.

which… if we follow your line of reasoning, Hanzo is Hitscan.

They are sick of people being completely wrong about their hero?

If you don’t understand EVEN the basics, and then people will mock you.

So this hitscan hanzo, do you think he has soft flight?

There can’t be a soft hitscan, because projectile heroes in no way check the crosshair before firing. It’s a binary difference, whereas lock on is a spectrum.

except it isn’t. Either the hitbox is changing in size or it isn’t.

In Moira’s case it does not.

So on a spectrum from “doesn’t have lock on” to “has lock on” she is in the “doesn’t have lock on” bit.

Either the hitbox is changing in size or it isn’t.

How does that have anything to do with lock-on?

No it isn’t. Either somethings locks on, or it doesn’t.

Everything. That is how lock on works.

The other thing it does is ignore people who walk in front of the target while it is hitting someone.

Which her beam doesn’t at all either.

There is 0 difference between her beam and Sym’s new beam in the way it works. (except you can’t spycheck with Moira)

So, we know Syms new beam is not lock on. since, the devs have straight out said so.

So how is Moira’s beam working differently than a Sym beam with a big hitbox?

Because if the answer is “it doesn’t” then you don’t have a lock on right?

That’s an argument that Moira doesn’t have hardlock. But she clearly has softlock, in that the beam partially tracks the target for you. Unlike hitscan, where the server cant “partially” check the target and crosshair for a lineup before registering the hit.

Animation is not the weapon.

It does NOT partially track the target for you.

It looks like it does, because of how it is animated, but looking like someone and being something are VERY different beasts.

Symm used to have a lock on and it was fixed to require aiming, I think introducing this tech to Moira would help increase the skill cap needed for her.

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