Moira get easily outheal by mercy now

How is it fair that moira the MAIN heal that is design to only be good because she heals a lot get easily outheal by mercy who is an Off/Main heal and even when moira outheal her its only by 1 or 2 k what is very little and only if moira plays like a full healbot what obviously she can’t do or she runs out of heals , mercy has utility , better mobility and she doenst have to care for range or ressource management unlike moira , how is it even fair ?

She isnt even good at being survivable anymore just at running away from bad situation and lost fights while she lets her team die , bap is better than her at surviving in combat with lamp and self heal while also being able to stay with his team , people would rather have a none survivable support who dies while giving them utility and help rather than moira that pretty much is only “escape and survive at the expense of your team”

She is not good at being survivable she is actually only the 4th most survivable supp behind bap/mercy/lucio and brig even isnt far behind her in the matter of surviving , she is just good at escaping

She isnt great or even remotly the best at healing anymore

Her damage is substain trash damage what is the easiest form to counter and heal PS : just like soldier and its why soldier is consider so UP btw and soldier has better damage so what is moira damage mega UP ?

And she has no utility , how does anyone think about all of this and is like “its fair , its okay” I wouldnt even care if she was at leats niche but she doenst even have a niche every support do what she does but way better “outside of escaping doom”

PS : mercy mains before you come at my throat this post is not a “nerf mercy” post more of a “look at how bad and worthless moira is now”

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Moira is still a very viable pick from Bronze through Plat, which contains the vast majority (like 75%+) of the playerbase. Even in Diamond she’s pretty alright, being the 3rd highest picked support and 4th highest picked character overall in that rank. On top of that, the stats say that she’s still the top support pick in the game overall. She only starts to fall off in the highest bracket tiers.

Also, Moira still outheals Mercy by about 2k, – almost 3k – according to the stats. So…I dunno…

If you want to make a case about Moira being bad specifically in high ranks then that’s a different story. But for the game in general…I’m not sure I buy it.

Mercy does not outheal moira at all. Where did you get this from?

Mercy is an off healer, one target at a time with low hps: weak

Moira is a main healer, can heal both tanks at the same time and two ways of healing plus ult. She is still the better option


Bronze to plat and diamond so the elo where almost everything works because no one knows how to truly play the game , so she is only has good has the incompetence of her foes ?

according to overbuff barely 2/3k and 2 or 3 k is almost nothing in matter of heals specifically when all she has his healing

i am a GM moira and overall supp player so yes i make her case for high rank , i don’t understand why people keep on bringing low rank in the discussion of balance , anything works in low ranks

from personal exp in GM most of the time mercys easily outheal me or are neck to neck with me

i know who would have thought that mercy could so easily keep up with moira , mercy has the advantage to not have a ressource meter and not be limited by range

Because of this reasoning given by Blizz themselves:

Solely focusing on the top ranks in a game like Overwatch is a surefire way to kill it quickly. Ironically enough exactly because heroes like Moira exist. Balance is a bit more complicated than just ‘listen to the GMs’ when multiple heroes have conflicting skill curves.

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Was Moira’s healing a detriment to low ranks, though? I never heard that one before.


Moira gets out healed if there are many individual targets to heal, like when the team consist of Genji, Widowmaker, Winston, Hammond and so on who are far away from each other. She will outheal Mercy easily if the team is stacked up in a group when there is a setup like Orisa, Reinhardt, Reaper, Mei and so on who stick together all the time.


So then what you actually mean to say is:

And the title is just a straight up lie. Despite the nerfs, Moira is still outhealing every support. Even Baptiste.

Moira has kinda always been a weaker pick in high ranks due to her lack of utility – the only reason she was able to see the light of day in a meta was because of barrierwatch.

I think it’d be better for you to be campaigning for the devs to rework her in a way that gives her utility outside of healing and low damage. And hopefully its a rework that raises her skill ceiling…

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Moira as a whole is/was a detriment to low ranks due to her design.

Cynicism aside, the nerf to her self heal on attacking is definitely a change that took the lower ranks into account. The nerf to her healing was probably more to tone her down at high ranks as her current amount of healin is still more than sufficient for the lower ranks.

Anyway, my reply wasn’t really to the case of Moira specifically, but to the fact that the OP thinks that only the top ranks should matter in balance. Luckily Blizzard doesn’t share that mentality.


Your post is so stupid that i cant even relate to a thing you said, moira’s primary healing does more hp/s than mercy’s and it’s also aoe. Mercy’s is single target but locked on healing, she is meant to heal only not deal damage so every hero is unique and different. Moira can run out of healing but it charges pretty fast

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She’s a little under tuned right now, but she’s still more than viable. I think the biggest problem is that Coalesence is too slow to build now, and that is dragging her numbers down.

Mercy can out heal Moira if she is only healing and not damage boosting. Or she’s pocketing a tank and trying to let Moira heal the 200-250 health heroes. Moira healing output does come from the tanks to be honest due to the larger healing health pools.

Or, if the team is full of dive heroes (Hammond, Genji, Winston, Tracer, etc) Moira’s healing output will be low because they avoiding her heals (especially the hammond).

Baptiste can even out heal Moira and Ana out heals Moira if she got the aim.

However, Moira can still heal and be viable. People just went back to be toxic and calling her bad or a brain dead damage hero. I know because people get mad or blame me for things.

I just ignore the hate but Mercy mains are the most toxic. I got mercy mains on my team who spam I need healing over and over again. Quite funny.

It was not, these people are lying lmao.

The reason there are so many Moira’s in low rank is because THEY ARE BAD.

Silver has some of the worst Moira’s I’ve ever seen, they focus wayyy too much on DPS, their tanks are dying but they think because they have GOLD healing over Zenyatta that they’re “doing their job”

I do think its funny that they were going to buff her bc she was generally considered a bad pick above like plat, and now theyve gutted her healing with no compensation


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If you’re not getting higher heals than a Mercy, then that is entirely your fault as a player. You either

a) Are not making effective use of her piercing spray and only healing one target at a time or

b) Not correctly juggling her resource and her 16.25 (sorry) hp/s after heal properly on chip damage.

I guess she could in some cases due to her consistency and being able to adjust easier to people than Moira, or if Moira is coming back from spawn you can get ahead maybe.

Edit - not a tip btw

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I don’t think a grandmaster Moira player needs your tips dude lol.

Also your tips are INCORRECT anyway

30 hps AFTER heal? where did you get this lie from? It’s a TOTAL of 65hp OVER 4 seconds, therefore it’s 16.25 every second for 4 seconds, at least get it right when giving someone a tip.

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Mercy outheals Moira? Do you have some confirmed statistics to back this up?

Also Mercy is supposed to be a fairly strong single target main healer, although her current sorry state somewhat contradicts this :frowning:. No sign of activity from the lead hero designer on here either (for several months), who originally stated Mercy was supposed to pump out more heals in a match.

Regarding Moira, I do believe that the somewhat heavy nerf she received was a bit unjustified. Even more so as Moira was considered trash until she recently became meta and not through a buff made to her either. Now she’s going to be even more trash outside of when she’s meta. Typical so called ‘balancing’.

Run away duuuuuuuuude.

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:smiling_imp: Clearly it was Moira’s fault and not the broken hero “sigma” that caused double shield. /s

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