Moira did not needed that nerf

Why? Why? This totally wasn’t needed. It just grabbed a balanced and not highly picked hero, and lower her effectiveness. She doesn’t have any other abilities to help her team like Mercy with Rez, Lucio with Speed Boost, Zenyatta with Orb of Discord. LIKE WHY?! Her thing is healing, and doing a bit of damage to reload her heals.

Is Blizzard really trying to make Mercy a must-pick again, so they can nerf her even more? I don’t understand those changes at all.

Extremely disappointed. Not to mention its buggy as hell.


While I haven’t played with it myself yet, I must say, Moira has the most healing out of any hero. She’s also got very high survivability, and decent damage. Nerfing her healing in very specific scenarios is not the end of the world.


No healer is safe. Just the way the game goes.


I agree, that was not needed. It also indirectly nerfed Genji, Tracer, and anyone who flanks, because if they are in a pinch behind the enemy Rein, I can’t save them, and then they’ll blame me. Which suck.

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What nerf? I’m not seeing Moria changes in the patch notes

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Now Moira can’t healing through Barriers, this Will make Mercy more dominant and Moira even worse. Mercy will be the only Primary Healer that Can healing through barriers.
This Nerf/Fix must be reverted, there was no reason to Nerf Moira or make Mercy even more dominant. If this goes on live probably Mercy will be a must pick again


When playing as moira, I have never encountered anyone that thought her healing through barriers was op. If this was a so called “bug” since her release, why change it now?


Yea i watched a video of it today. It looks silly when you are looking right at the target but the barrier is on just part of your screen you cant heal. This bug fix is now a bug.


It’s not very specific scenarios. Like… at all.

Clearly you don’t play Moira.

And it’s super buggy. If you go to the side and get line of sight on your injured ally, it won’t heal them anyways.

They broke her more.


I don’t see this as such a major nerf, but it is a nerf indeed. I think if it’s implemented on Moira, it should be implemented on Mercy…


Moira gotten nerfed much more than that. even her Fade got nerfed. She will not contest 2CP or payload if she Fades. You will now lose if you were the only one alive and stalling.

the devs have yet to respond to the unmentioned nerfs. They aren’t in the patch notes.


Interesting… I didn’t know that!

There is a thread that mentions Moira’s hidden nerfs in the General Section. People are upset and as a Moira main. This Fade nerf is a huge nerf to Moira. We can stall for a few seconds for team mates to come back and contest. Now we cannot do that anymore or it is a bug.

I just hope it doesn’t go live or Moira will become F Tier.


I really hope they dont go through with this, it will effectively ruin her character as a damn healer. I’m not sure I evwn want to play anymore cause she is the reason I even bought the game and they just shat
on her by doing this.


And it is buggy. Skip to 5:30.

they are trying to buff ana indirectly, which is not enough.


Moira is probably the most well balanced hero on the live servers.
Nerfing her with this “bug fix” would be a horrible idea!

Blizzard, just forget this “bug fix” (since it’s causing more problems only anyways) and let Moira stay at the place she’s in right now.
No need to make it worse for her!


Keep in mind that it was a bug, so we should never have been able to heal through barriers.

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moira has the most healing because she has zero utility. every other support has utility. all moira does is heal and damage, and a good moira that is healing a lot really isn’t doing much damage.

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That’s what they want you to think. If they put “Fixed a bug where Mercy’s healing beam could heal multiple targets at once when Valkyrie was active” would people see that as a bug fix, or a nerf? Bug fixes and Nerfs are the same thing. They make a character better, or worse. There is no way around it.