Moira Biotic Grasp visual bug Patch PTR 1.51

Moira’s Biotic Grasp Damage visual bug:

bug still persists in PTR Patch 1.51

When Moira attacks an enemy player it now shows a red effect on their chest instead of purple. Though, the purple effect still shows when using Coalscence and Biotic Orb (see videos below)

The chest effect was always purple until around March.

When you see an enemy Moira attack a team mate, the effect from her Biotic grasp beam on your team mate now shows a purple effect on their chest, but it should be red, the effects have somehow switched.

Video #1 - THE BUG
Proof of chest effect now showing red instead of purple:

Bug still existing on PTR Patch 1.50:

Big still persists PTR Patch 1.51

Video #2
How it should look (purple affect on the chest when latched on)

See how it’s purple when it latches onto Hanzo chest?

Video #3
Biotic Orb (damage) effect showing correctly (purple)
Biotic Grasp (damage) incorrectly showing chest effect (Red)

Video #4:
Coalescence chest effect showing correct effect (purple)

Also some tanks don’t even get the latch on affect at all!

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why you talk like this only affects moira lol
all beams have been looking like this for a while buddy, except only mei/moira pee i think bcs shes a projectile beam

It says on the forums you make a bug report for 1 thing at a time. you’re free to make the bug reports for all the other beam heroes :wink:

also when an enemy team Moira attacks my own team members it comes up as purple when it should be red and mine shows up for me as red on their team when it should be purple.