Moira Ball through MEI WALL! 🤔


You all know Mei’s wall, it blocks ULTIMATES.

MANY MONTHS after Moira’s release, her damage ball still goes through Mei wall.

Simple question:

  • BLIZZARD WHY? :thinking:

It’s a simple ‘ability yes/no goes through Ice Wall’ toggle. Hence why other abilities can’t bypass Mei wall.

Fix it thanks…


I think it’s fixed in next patch.


fixed on ptr already, read patch notes


Only reason I bring it up is because I can see ally ult% by pushing tab but still have Moira ball go through my Mei wall!

Same patch or different? Confused? :thinking:



Yeah totally cool man. Looks like the ‘ult %’ patch is live now and the Mei one if ‘coming soon.’


It’s fixed on the PTR.


For anyone with access to PTR I’m assuming orb would just bounce off like it does any other surface and not just poof, yeah?