Moira... Any thoughts on current Moira?

I’ve had some intense results with her today. I’m just playing my normal Moira play at a bit faster pace, and yet I’m still getting similar results like I used to with strong Moira.


The recent changes were not meant to cripple her, only prevent people from getting super effortless kills.


Well it crippled me and my console aim :sob::sob:

Just kidding.

I want her heal meter nerf reverted. They should focus on nerfing dmg orb and not forcing her to deal more dps, by nerfing her heal meter. I hate how she is now.

Her piss runs out so quickly, it feels super bad to play

She definitely still works if you keep very active.

Controllers have enough problems with prioritzation. I wonder if they’ve fixed it a bit.

I’m still getting plenty of healing now. I think I’m getting MORE now that the barriers are weak, than before the barriers were made weak.

It seems okay, surprisingly. Less barriers means more right click.