M&Kb on console

Why does blizzard not ban the rampant cheaters who are using Xim? Do they simply not care or are they too oblivious to the problem?

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Isn’t Xsim available to everyone?

  • I’m PC so I wouldn’t know

You have to pay like 200 minimum for one and it’s cheating since it goes against tos. It also gives those people aim assist with MnK so they literally dominate top 500, Gm and masters and I find a lot of them in diamond now as well due to the game now being free to play

Play on PC or get a mouse yourself

It’s no different than other hobbies where people with more money get better gear and have a better experience, welcome to life. Cars, mountain biking, golf, hunting, camping, rock climbing, snowboarding, literally anything.

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Mans got a point though…. Snowboarding is an example of this. Yeah, you can rid with bad gear, but you’ll enjoy your time more when you invest in your hobby/sport.


I’m not a console gamer so imma have to ask you to cite your source.

Back in OW1, Blizzard claimed (specifically Jeff K. who ironically enough quit the company) that they would ban anyone who was caught using a M&K on console. It got so bad from this rampant cheating, that there were actual forum threads on this from the devs themselves. And how they did not support players doing this.

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Mf it’s literally against console tos it’s a THIRD PARTY plug in that emulates controller with MnK

That was entirely unnecessary

Not my fault you’re too poor to join em

Most discussions say that Xim is cheating. Its discussed a lot in R6. But its not really detectable (via software) because it uses third party hardware to convert MnK inputs into controller inputs, so the game detects it as a controller.

I don’t think anything is gonna be done about it anytime soon. It’s been a thing for a while.