Mix heroes personalities


and create yourself . My is Moira i love science and i am atheist too (dont like stupid people) . Reaper- i am metalhead wearing only black. Ashe - Well i am rebel too i like to live on my rules. And maybe Symmetra for her different view of the world.Btw i am 23 years old not just edgy kid :smiley: . Sorry for my english is not my native language.


A bit of Doomfist because of my interest in combat sports and martial arts as well as strategy and military stuff, Reaper since I’m also a metalhead who likes black and I’m also a horror/supernatural fan, and some D.va since I’m a gamer and anime geek.


Moira because I’m smart, if I do say so myself, and I’m also an atheist, Brig because cats and food, Genju because I fence, Soldier: 76 because I can’t dance, Reaper because I’m also a metalhead, but I don’t wear black, and…

That’s basically me except for the fact that I do theater, but we don’t have an actor.