Missng OWL skins

OWL skins were supposedly supposed to be distributed a few weeks ago, yet I don’t have any yet. Is this an issue that is still in the process of being fixed? I found a couple posts similar but they were a week or so ago. I was just wondering if this is still being fixed.

I just want the Kiriko skin man :frowning:

EDIT: I got my playoffs skins, but I only got the grand finals additional drops and not the actual skins for finals. Does anyone have the finals skins yet? I got the spray and name card but not the skins for junker, sojurn, or kiriko. I know I got sojurn confirmed, but I watched the full stream so I think I should also get junker and kiri too.

I just want the Kiriko skin man :frowning:

Same here man. I also haven’t even received the tokens for about 30 hours of my viewership. I have received some credit for viewing, but only for a few hours and only for the first day. I just want what was promised. We should be responding to as many of those posts as possible to hopefully get more eyes on the situation.

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