Missing status effects and some values should be able to be changed

There is no anti-heal effect from Ana’s biotic grenade, and poison effect from Widow’s venom mine, also would it be possible to add a discord-type effect, where it would be the discord visuals but you can edit how much additional percent damage taken, e.g change the 25% discord back to 30% damage multiplier (1.3x)

Also can we be allowed to do projectile travel speeds below 100%? And in the ptr update which had workshop for the first time, wait valued could be 0.01, but now must be 0.25, can they be reverted to be able to go lower?

You can achieve an anti-heal effect by using “Set Healing Received” with a percentage of 0. (The “Fire Dome” preset does this.) Poison you can achieve with “Start/Stop Damage Over Time”, and Discord can be made with “Set Damage Received”.

Most of the numerical limits for Actions are there for a good reason, unfortunately. We know that there is a desire to make them more permissive, and we’ll keep monitoring the situation to see if there’s a way for us to change them without causing issues.


What should I do if I want to remove and anti-heal? I’m trying to use make Ana’s grenade a purely defensive tool.

how about fortify???

You can set a player variable to toggle immunity to crowd control:

Ongoing - each player

player var (f) == true
has status (frozen) == true

clear status (frozen)

You’d have to do this for each status you want your character to be immune too. A bit tedious, but it should work AFAIK.

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Yes… How about fortify?? It’s basically super armor, and would be great if i could give it to characters other than orisa.

What if you want a certain thing to happen when someone is under one of those status effects. Thats why I think these effects should be added.

it would be very useful to have an any option in the has status condition

Hey, I am desperatly trying to suppress damage from Venom mine. For Ashe’s dynamite I can use the status effect, however for Widow there is none. Your suggestion of using “Stop damage over time” seems great, but I can’t come up with the condition.

What condition can I use to suppress damage over time from Venom Mine ?