Missing sound effects, unusual volumes, popping sounds


Multiple people, myself included, are now having problems with sound since the latest patch dropped. These problems may be related to the changes.

Some of the problems include:

Random missing sound effects:


Weapon fire

Jump and landing



Sometimes these missing sound effects are restored after respawning or changing heroes, but not consistently.

  1. Random unusual sound volumes: e.g. objects destroyed at melee range sound incredibly loud compared to enemy footsteps

  2. Sound effects are often replaced with a ‘popping’ sound, similar to the sound that comes from radio speakers when they’re first turned on.

Players having these problems have gone through the usual system repair procedures:

a) Scan and Repair Overwatch files. Usually generates a prompt to Update files and download some missing files. Some players report a temporary fix, but not always (placebo effect?).

b) sound drivers updated,

c) reinstallation of Overwatch, and

d) reinstallation of OS and Overwatch.

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[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

This is probably related to ongoing audio issues that players have been encountering over the past few months, if you can please post about your experience and any relevant videos you might have or are aware of in this thread:


The same thing is happening to me since the patch with Ashe dropped. Missing sound effects, ( head shots, ults, footsteps, etc) I was hoping the Winter patch might fix it but it hasn’t fixed anything. It’s making them game almost virtually unplayable and I’ve done everything advised.


Glad to see this is still a problem


Everyone who reads this
Pls leave a like on the man post here so blizzard will notice it!


Same here. Missing sound effects such as the kill notification and voice lines. 9 patches later and a full installation, still not fixed. I sure wonder why Overwatch is dying golly gee