Missing Sound Cues


Playing on EU PC on ~30ms…
Would someone from Blizzard be so kind as to recognize, that silent ultimates and missing sound cues in general are a problem?
Thanks in advance!

inb4: no, it’s not my machine or my internet. the issue persists on different configurations and different ISPs.

[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

Turn your volume up.


So that the sound cues that get played correctly destroy my eardrums, while at the same time it will do nothing for when I get an ult in my face out of nowhere.
Thank you for your contribution.


You are welcome friend.



“I think you’re in over your head.”


Yes my reply was serious.


I meant your first reply.


Yes I am a serious person.


I’m pretty surprised this problem seems to have been happening to players as far back as March. If you’re still encountering this issue, could you post about it in this audio drop thread in the bug forum? We need all the voices we can get before Blizzard will actually do something about this major problem: