Missing items (skins, sprays, emotes...)

Same I lost the hanzo kanezaka items from the challenge after the update and support couldn’t help me

Hello there, i had the same problem with my All Stars Skins for Marcy and Lucio.

I play on xbox one.

I paid for them with real money during the Summer Games (via purchasing owl tokens)

I have checked the inventory and they aren´t on it

I bought them this year 2021

I play on PC
I believe I got nearly all these items at some point during 2017-2018.

Ana: Wasteland, Captain Amari, Horus, Ghoul
Bastion: Null Sector, Woodbot
Cassidy: Blackwatch, Lifeguard
DVA: Junker, Scavenger, Junebug, Cruiser
Doomfist: Caution, Irin, Spirit
Genji: Young Genji, Bedouin, Sentai
Hanzo: Lonewolf
Junkrat: Hayseed, Scarecrow, Cricket
Lucio: Selecao, Jazzy
Mei: Jiangshi, Beekeeper
Mercy: Sigrun, Imp, Witch, Combat Medic Ziegler
Moira: Glam
Orisa: Carbon Fiber, OR15, Null Sector
Pharah: Mechaqueen, Raptorion, Thunderbird
Reaper: Biker, Soldier 24
Reinhardt: Bloodhardt, Blackhardt, Balderich, Griefhardt
Roadhog: Toa, Mako, Sharkbait, Junkenstein’s Monster, Toxic
Soldier 76: Stuntman 76, Cyborg 76, Grillmaster 76
Sombra: Cyberspace, Los Muertos, Talon
Symmetra: Dragon, Magician
Torbjorn: Deadlock, Blackbeard, Chief Engineer Lindholm, Ironclad
Tracer: Graffiti
Widowmaker: Odile, Cote D’azur, Talon
Winston: Frogston
Zarya: Arctic, Barbarian, Totally 80’s, Workout, Cyberian
Zenyatta: Ifrit, Sunyatta

I’m not too bothered by the missing sprays or emotes (mostly cause I can’t remember what they are or when I got them.) but these are the Skins that went missing and were a major source of dismay for me (even making me go as far as take a year long break from the game.)

bump? (I think I can do this, I don’t see anything about it on the Code of Conduct)

i play on pc, bought a few lootboxes during anniversary remix vol.1 (april 2022)
i miss litterally EVERYTHING except 1 single sombra recolor.
i invested a little money but quite some time during the remix event.
is it because of how recent the progress is?
i have OW for a few years, but really played it only since february 2022

idk if this above helps, but im in need of getting them back, its a huge turn off to farm (AND PAY) for an event and loose everything right after