Missing items (skins, sprays, emotes...)

Thank you! I got about 98% of my stuff back :smiley: Thanks for the all hard work. Just missing a few random Summer and Luna skins. But the ones I really cared about are back <3

Hi there I still haven’t recieved my Witch skin for Mercy that I purchased with loot boxes in 2017 or 2018 and I also have not received my pachimari skin for roadhog that I got during the Limited time event this year. My name is iBlakey96 on XBOX and my blizzard iD is MaxiDoggo

I also didn’t get my skin back on the Bastion pirate ship and also I didn’t get my summer graffiti back on the Zen.

Blizzard still forgets about old problems. I’m still waiting my badge and graffiti for hero in competitive elimination in April(if I’m not wrong with date)

Do you know how much longer it’ll be until the skins i bought are restored? Still waiting for all the skins I bought during the unvaulting event because its getting really frustrating that i spent money on these skins for them to be taken.

I have the same question and the same situation.

I’m in the same situation.

Playing on PC, checked without filters, didn’t make any cash transactions.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a precise list, but the one I noticed was the Soldier76 highlight intro and I believe the Hanzo target practice one, not sure though.

I don’t keep track that precisely, but I would appreciate if I could get my stuff back.

Same as most of the people here, missing things, some i knew while some i don’t remember.

Grillmaster Highlight Intro ← I know I missed this intro cause I used to have it equipped since buying it and now my Highlight Intro slot was empty that’s what reminds me of it missing

I am missing Vampire Baptiste and Inferno Junkrat skins. They are not showing up in Hero Gallery. Playing on PC.

The number of skins listed also doesn’t add up correctly to the total listed on top.

got my stuff back. thanks! :wave:

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I still haven’t got my stuff back, iv actually… literally all I care about at this point is my pachimari roadhog skin, couldnt care less about my mercy skin at this point. Can I atleast get that back? It’s pretty infuriating and I might just quit OW…

So far the only thing I’m missing is Soldier’s New Summer Games Highlight Intro. If you need to go through everything, I’ve unlocked pretty much everything except for Blizzcon Skins (Besides Sombra’s, got that as a Halloween Challenge Skin), Competitive Sprays. Playing the PC Version

My Vamp Bap skin/spray and icon is missing

my highlight intro for 76 is gone. the barbeque one. it says i dont have any highlights selected and when i look at my highlights its just an empty screen with the background. doesnt even do default. anyone else with that problem??

My skin for overwatch league tokens has not been returned yet. You at least say approximately when you solve this problem.

Still waiting on the skins i bought with my money to be put back on my account!! been trying to get it fixed for 2 weeks now!!

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I reported about this problem on the forum a month ago and before that about a week i wrote support for them and still my skin for the purchased league tokens has not returned to me.

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I will not forget the skin for which I paid 600 rubles. Give me back my skin. Why did you return the event items without any problems and you can’t return the ones bought with the help of tokens.

missing this intro too, it was selected, but when i got potg it was replaced with one i used before. Now i can’t see it in my collection with or without filters. Also some other items are not displaying, like Tracer’s comics skin.

I played on PC since pre-release beta.

At some point 12 months or so ago I played on PS4

When cross platform was introduced, I went back to PC and realised nearly all of my skins etc which I’d unlocked previously were now locked again