Missing Grand final rewards

Watched the steam last night but still cant find any tokens, skins or sprays?

My youtube account is connected, psn account js also connected. I have tried password reset and reconnecting but no rewards have come through at all?

same problem here. i dont got s1t

Unfortunately with all broadcasts for Overwatch League now done, there is going to be very little that can be done about any missing rewards. Remember to not use any hero gallery filters when checking for your Overwatch League Grey and Overwatch League White skins as there is a current bug that is preventing them from showing if you do own them. Also note, the spray is not showing up because it is not yet updated into the game.

The website says you watched 2hours and you’ll get the listed rewards. We did exactly that. Blizzard can easily grant us the rewards. it feels like a scam if they dont!

–EDIT-- my rewards are finally showing up including the 100 tokens.