Missing cosmetics/store purchase

I’m missing half my cosmetics randomly (ex: I have a christmas spray for sombra but a random spray added beforehand is locked) and my golden weapon is gone. Is this intentional or is this a current bug?

EDIT: Overwatch 2 Launch Status Update - Announcements - Overwatch Forums (blizzard.com)
this is a contains a summary and explanation regarding the bug, and should be fixed soon.


We have received multiple reports of this and are currently investigating. You should not have lost any skins or golden weapons so is most likely a bug though I do not have any other information beyond it has been reported to be investigated.


I’m in the same boat if you need another account to check - Missing a majority of skins, golden weapons, emotes. Looking forward to an update!


This is correct. I logged in and I am missing basically any of the cosmetic stuff that say “sometimes in the shop” were taken off my account and are now locked (Like wave racer Dva, poolside ashe, etc.).
I think what happened may be they accidentally caused anything that is unlockable in the “shop” to become locked on your account from OW1 even if it was unlocked already. I had pretty much every cosmetic unlocked from playing OW1 so much (except stuff from the last year). I hope it gets fixed as I know this is a way bigger deal for other people. Feel free to check my account as well for reference if needed.

EDIT: It seems after about 3 hours (currently 6PM EST) everything is showing updated and I have all my cosmetics now.


I am having the same issue I have lost my Black Cat DVA and Junker DVA are the two i know are missing cause I used them a lot


Same here, haven’t played Overwatch in a while now, and when I come back to Overwatch 2, a ton of my skins, emotes, unlocks and golden skins are just locked/gone/seasonally locked.

Tried relaunching the game, no changes.


Same here - I used to have every skin for Hammond and am now missing around half and the golden guns - Also am missing Overwatch League skins


yea i am on the same boat, i had rare skins, event skins, etc that are now locked and telling me i gotta buy em again or wait til they are in shop now, i thought we were supposed to keep EVERYTHING cosmetic wise from our accounts >.> seems like a pretty big bug that needs to be fixed asap


Same here, several skins missing and things like POTG intros, very bummed out

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same, as well as all my rein skins :confused: my main got gutted in terms of my cosmetics i had unlocked

Same here missing a good chunk of the skins and unlocks I had in Overwatch 1.

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I am also missing basically all of my mercy skins. i only have 4 and i had all of them except for the limited edition ones like nurse and atlantis. i am also missing my golden gun for mercy. feel free to use my account for reference also!

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same here, almost exactly half of my skins are gone

I am missing one specific Hanzo skin (dark wolf) and a few sprays.

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Well, I lost the Happi skin and 2000 of my OW1 currency trying to buy things from the hero gallery but everytime I did that I was having a error screen and well, remove my coins.

Only specifically missing the genji Happi OWL skin

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I’m also missing a lot of random skins here and there. Waveracer and Black Cat D.va are missing despite me having previously owned both. I’m also missing Captain Amari for Ana. Graffiti Tracer is also gone.

I have the same issue with lots of skins I purchased and won throughout the varies times of the years playing. Also the OG skins from the epic bundle purchase on game release, i.e. Winston’s Blizzard themed skin.

Same problem here…wish they fix soon

Lost a majority of my skins and my only golden weapon.