Missing Character Sounds


Since the Latest patch ( I’ve been getting missing sounds.

What does not play:
-My character’s sfx
-My character’s weapon’s sounds
-My character’s weapon hit sounds.
-My character’s voicelines.

All other sounds play as normal.

The sounds do play normal at start however at random times, usually at the start of a map, There is an audio pop sound then the problem starts. Switching characters does not solve it. Changing maps does. It has happened in all modes.

I have cleared the overwatch cache and did a repair but the problem persists. I have not experienced it in the PTR, however due to the randomness of the problem this might be just luck.

Computer Specs:
Windows 7 64bit
Intel Pentium CPU 3.20GHz (2 CPUs)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Gigabyte GA‑H81M‑H Motherboard
Sound is onboard

Hit Sounds Are Not Playing for months!
[MEGATHREAD] Can You Hear the Audio Issues? I Bet You Can! :mute:

The strange audio pop and suddenly loss of in game audio has been raised by a few other posters in the past few months and may be related to ongoing major audio issues happening in the game right now. If you can, take a look through this thread and add your voice/videos to it:


This was covered in a blue post recently: Sound problem, missing soundeffects!


I read the blue post but unfortunately not only have I seen their dated suggestion before, unfortunately the recommended fix doesn’t work or change anything. There was another separate blue post where they discussed how they were aware of ongoing audio issues and in a recent patch fix that memory problems were resulting in dropped audio, which is likely related yet nevertheless remains unresolved.


So do you want to troubleshoot, or no? We can look at a WinMTR (if you have access to a PC to run it) and see if there’s another issue happening, as audio has low priority whenever you have any sort of packet loss. I can help, but you have to be open to it, which I’m unsure about after reading your other post.


I’ve used Blizzard’s Looking Glass (which includes MTR and traceroute) and WinMTR before (have to note though that the link you provide says specifically “You shouldn’t run a WinMTR test unless requested to by a GM.”). That aside my internet connection runs fine, I have decent ping and don’t experience any significant packet loss/latency to the American Overwatch servers. I didn’t personally experience these issues with the sound drop off in Overwatch (and specifically Overwatch) for over a year until just a few months ago.

And as I also noted Blizzard themselves already admitted in recent patch notes that memory issues in “especially intensive fights” as they put it were causing audio drops, and with the introduction of many new features/modes/heroes/code/etc. recently I’m leaning towards memory leaks being the ultimate cause of the audio issues here. Other players cross-platform have also been experiencing this problem and witnessing this audio drop off issue happening even to high profile streamers (like xQc and Seagull) who as professionals would naturally have high quality builds and connections.

It’s possible that it’s somehow network related if maybe I’ve just been looking at the wrong time of day or something (if it’s hardware related me and the rest of the PS4 community are in trouble), but I think it’s more likely than not related to recent patches and the Overwatch code itself. If you have any ideas or suggestions to resolve, though, I’m open to hearing them (if it’s about changing dns, ports or setting dmz’s though no need).


Where are the results?

have to note though that the link you provide says specifically “You shouldn’t run a WinMTR test unless requested to by a GM.”

This is definitely antiquated information, and they should update the support doc. Running a WinMTR has little to no impact on your network unless you crank up the packet size.

If it’s a known issue, then I’m not really sure what you’re looking for here. It’s probably on their to-do list, but it really doesn’t get reported that often compared to “Blizzard fix your servers!!!” from people who have glaring home network issues. :sunglasses:


If you look at my thread on the audio dropping issue, in my second post I collect many such audio drop threads from different players throughout the past months, indicating this issue is happening regularly and across platforms:

Throughout the thread other players have chimed in corroborating this audio dropping experience. I’ve been talking with other players on the “console 2nd class” megathread as well and they say they’ve seen this happening to Seagull in matches.

The reason I’m posting about my bug thread is to get as many people who have experienced this issue to chime in and share their experience in the bug thread, not only to highlight the issue to Blizzard that this is indeed a bigger problem than perhaps they realize but also to gather as much information from people as possible. Someone even posted that Blizzard has made a blue post specifically about the problem and had added it to the “known issues” thread about a month ago, so as you say they’re probably aware of the problem and working on it, I’m just trying to emphasize how problematic and common it is so Blizzard continues working on it as a high priority issue. Specifically, they noted in a recent patch that they fixed mid-match memory leaks causing such audio drops, but these audio drops nevertheless continue to happen, so I don’t want them brushing the issue under the rug thinking it’s fixed.