Missing "5 fingers" JQ highlight intro

  • Log in from November 21 11:00 am PST to November 26 11:00 am PST and get the Junker Queen “Five Fingers” Highlight Intro

Hi, I tried to log and relog several times just right now (so a few hours after 11am PST) and this intro is still locked on my screen.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile: !


Same here, Sojourn unlocked fine but the JQ intro just isn’t unlocking at all.

yes same also experiencing this.

I also have this problem. Sojourn’s one unlocked fine but JQ is still locked. My game client is fully updated. On a side note, the hero gallery doesn’t tell you when you have new items anymore like it did in OW1 so I didn’t even realise I had the Sojourn one until I read the JQ post.

Mine also isn’t unlocked, Sojourns unlocked just fine but not Five Fingers isn’t unlocking for me either. :confused:

Yep, got the Sojourn no issue but logged in like 3 times since and no new highlight, free stuff is a bit useless if I’m not given it.

Missing it as well. Log in and out as much as I want on either my PC or my PS5 and nothing happens.

My Overgrown skin for Bastion, and Security Chief skin for Pharah, are both locked as of today. They were fine yesterday.

Same, have not received it yet despite logging in after they said it would go live.

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I have the same problem.

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Same here. i got Sojourn’s but not Junker Queen’s.

Howdy y’all,

The previous dates were listed incorrectly and you can read about this here. You can get the Junker Queen intro later today after 11 am PST. The Kiriko intro one will be available on the 27th after 11 am PST.

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Thank you Zenlaka :slight_smile: !

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