Middle East Server issue

I have contacted my isp they said contact your game support


Same response from my ISP!


its been a week now any idea how we can actually connect to the so called “dubai servers”???
man im tired of 190 ping


I’m facing the same issue, it’s affect all ME players :100:


i was playing with 60-ish ping now its 150+!
please fix it


Week 2:
Issue not fixed for Saudi Players + No Response from Blizzard team!

BTW, Google clouds will officially open their cloud servers in Saudi Arabia/Dammam this year and it will launch by start of 2024

please consider moving your servers to Saudi Arabia not other countries since the majority of Middle East players are Saudis


Seriously now, why aren’t they responding to us (ME) players? :slight_smile: this is so aggravating, imagine contacting my ISP for just one game when most of other games my ping is totally fine? How about filling is up with information if they’re actually working on/fixing it? It’s week 2 now and we’re terribly suffering from high LATENCY it’s OVER 140!


Hey again,

The Overwatch team investigated the reports of players not getting placed on the new GMEC server. What they found is that the majority of middle eastern players are properly connecting to the GMEC server, but there is a subset of players that are getting routed to the EU servers. The reason for this is due to a local ISP routing issue causing some players to have higher ping to the GMEC server compared to the EU servers.

The matchmaking system will attempt to put you on the server with the lowest ping. If you are getting placed on EU servers this means your ping is lower to EU compared to the new GMEC server. It seems that some ISPs are not providing optimal routing to the Google datacenter that GMEC is hosted in. This is something only those ISPs can fix, since Blizzard can not change your routing.

If you have not already we recommend reporting the issue to your ISP so they are at least aware of the problem. The person you speak with will not be able to fix the routing, but the more reports they receive the better so they can track the impact. Their engineers can reach out to Blizzard’s network team via email if they need assistance.


If Blizzard already has metrics on which ISPs have suboptimal routing then why can’t Blizzard employees be proactive and reach out to those ISPs directly. As a company you have far more leverage and communication options than normal users. Be true to your word.

I am not even affected by this issue, but a “not my job” approach is unethical.



As a normal user, reaching out to ISPs Technical Team is nearly impossible!

it’s harder than reaching out to the president of the country! :joy:

our ISPs Customer support response to the issue is:

  • restart your router. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

(they don’t understand what overwatch is!)


Which is easier and more effective to get faster and effective response from multiple ISPs a single individual or a large company? tbh I’m tired of all this when you guys decide to fix this problem tell us


still having this issue since the patch, maybe this is a sign to quit OW2 for good.


Customer support doesn’t work with network engineers, that’s why they gave the steps needed. Lots of ISPs in the U.S. and Canada were able to solve their routing problems in a matter of days just by reaching out. People are spending more time complaining in this thread than asking their ISP to fix it, demanding Blizzard do so. Unfortunately, Blizzard is not the ISP’s customer, only the people paying them for service are. It’s likely to continue until enough customers tell them it’s an actual problem.

The issue affects all players in KSA from all ISPs (STC, Mobily and Zain) not just a specific ISP!
we contacted with our ISPs, their response was: it’s the game issue not us!

at the end players will get tiered and leave the game not the ISP!
so blizzard then will lose players and money because no one having fun with 140ms ping

I spent hundreds of dollars in this game, if this issue remain without fix, by the time they will lose a loyal player/customer like me who bought every Battle pass & skin in the shop.


same here in Iraq, contacted my ISP and they didn’t even bother to do anything.
Please revert these changes and understand the situation we’re in. It’s not like Europe or the United States where your Internet service providers do anything to satisfy their customers…


The problem is my isp doesnt understand what im talking about.
They either say “restart your router” or “contact your game support”


YZNSA is the best player on all regions and all roles and he from saudi arabia isn’t that sounds weird when a big problem like this hit only the country that’s have best player only and others not effected they add 50 win for top 500 not to make the game better but also they want stop YZN from beat up all their crying kids and he still reach top 1 that was dirty move blizzard


just im done with this game i have 135 ms wich is very bad to my experience and its about effect my aim so its not fun for me at all maybe try to change the game soon

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nah please your blizzard make a msteak is not our job to fix your issue so you need to return bahrian server to fix its just return back the server is that hard to make from blizard company Fr ??!

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this is my day 4 , the game is UNPLAYABLE!
it’s sad, overwatch is my only enjoyment during my weekends and I can’t enjoy it anymore!

OVERWATCH tech. I hope this will be resolved ASAP, otherwise I’m sure
many players won’t be able to play the game…

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