Mic cuts me off / Mic dosen't capture my voice

I have a problem when I speak in voice chat the sensitivity of my mic dosen’t capture my voice. I can be talking normally and the mic suddenly cuts me off, dosen’t matter how loud I speak or how far or close I am from the mic I can’t hear my voice. I just wait until it fixes it’s self but it can take some time, it’s kinda random and I’m not sure why this is happening.

I can see the grey audio bar getting higher but it dosen’t turn blue when I’m testing my mic with the Battle.Net app. It’s like I’m muted to whole time but I’m not.

I use open mic with ( ’ ) as mute and I move around the mic sensitivity level and volume but nothing seems to work.

I’m pretty sure this dosen’t happen with other games because my friends would tell me. And I listen to my mic on my PC and the audio never cuts. I’m not sure if the Battle.Net app has a bug or it’s to do with me.

My microphone is a Samson Q2U connected with a USB.

Are you having issues with Overwatch, with the Bnet app, or both?

If it’s with Overwatch, please add your DxDiag.

If it’s with the Bnet app, you’ll want to post in the forum for the app.