Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays everyone. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. :smiley: :heart:


Merry Christmas :gift::christmas_tree: ^^^


i feel only hatred. Especially this week. God, rage just tears me apart from the inside.


As an American, I can proudly say I’ve still got an hour and fifteen minutes.


I feel only weariness. Working 9 to 10 hour days every day this week at my theater. If you go to the movies this holiday please thank the concessionist who serves you popcorn/drink/etc : )

(Bill Warnecke) #6

Happy Holidays everyone!


You should meditate.


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic day with your family ^.^


Merry Christmas everyone! And Blizzard, thanks for those five free loot boxes! There was one skin in particular I wanted this event, the new Symmetra one, and I’ve been grinding loot boxes and saving my coin in the hopes of getting it one way or another. I pop open the first of these bonus loot boxes and lo and behold! The new Symmetra skin pops up! THANK YOU!

Now to decide what to do with all the extra coin I saved up. Could use it to get more stuff from this event…or save it for the Lunar event…

Either way, Merry Christmas!


Ok, seriously, go get your teeth kicked in you pathetic whelp. Let the devs enjoy the holidays ffs

That aside, my Christmas is a bit soured as Taco Bell stopped serving the rolled chicken tacos


Happy Holidays to everyone. One of my best gifts is always going to be able to have good friends and good games to play.

Legendary skins from the free loot boxes are nice too!

And getting an Overwatch Windshield Sun Cover is like the best physical Christmas gift for me this year… well that and the 4-pack of Mountain Dew Kickstart, Pocky gift basket, and enough snacks to last the rest of the winter.


I’ve never seen such entitlement before. People like you are the issue with the community


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sadly i haven’t gotten/given gifts or visited family and friends in years due to my finances, but i wish everyone a good christmas


Aww I’m sure they’ll understand. What really matters is getting to spend time with the people you care about


Merry Christmas!! :blush:


I hope you’re able to enjoy time with your family, Bill :slight_smile:


i will try but the one holiday wish i do have i know will never happen unfortunately but im happy that after a long time of basically abandoning my favorite gal Tracer in qp i managed to get a potg as her yesterday night and i dont care what some may think on here but it about made me cry getting it as getting a Tracer potg these days with the nerf is kinda hard and kinda gives me a new sense of hope for her still


there’s only two things that might help me at this point - heavy medication or, well, i can’t say it on this forum. And i’m too coward to do either of them


how about merry christmas?