Mercy's Situation is NOT fair!

This is my biggest gripe with mercy mains and this argument. I completely agree it isn’t nearly as flashy as mass res was, but it’s clearly got huge potential that for some reason keeps being downplayed.


This. They use it as a team saving ultimate, then complain when it doesn’t team save. It might not be as exciting, but it’s stupid strong.


You are right, it isn’t fair at all. It isn’t fair that since her rework Mercy has been picked in 95% of OWL games and is consistently the best healer in the game and was the gold standard for all supports. She had the simplest design, a very high skill ceiling with a low skill floor, highly mobile, massively impactful abilities (dare I say MOST impactful?!), and by far the best at handling the “plate spinning”-like gameplay that comes with being a support.

And she’s done this now for 11 months. Mercy’s minor nerf is fine. It isn’t necessarily in the right place, and should have been more targeted at Resurrect or Damage Boost, but the buffs to heroes around her puts them in contention to be picked as well.


I had this mentality with mercy before I realised that mercy will not be reverted. She will be nerfed more or eventually reworked. So my advice (kind advice)

Stop complaining about mercy and try and work with what you’ve got. I mean they could’ve destroyed mercy but they haven’t. They could’ve put a cap of 2 on Rez and put lots of restrictions on it and kept it a ultimate with no midfight.

I saw a thread earlier today talking about mercy from a design standpoint. Reworked mercy has not got a very strong end fight but she’s has a extremely strong start fight and mid fight capability.

Mercy before rework had only a strong end fight (teams death) and no start fight or mid fight capabilities.

Current mercy seems weak but she offers a lot more capabilities all the way through a fight (which was what her rework was intended to do) she is also a main healer who puts out insane amounts of healing.

Let’s look at what the most common solution to mercy boring problems (most of these suggestions are from mercy mains btw) they want Valkyrie on E, mass ressurect and they want strong healing output to remain 60HPS.

What you all don’t realise is that makes mercy a must pick no matter what. A main healer with insanely healing potential having a extremely strong ultimate with a strong E ability which heightens her surviability. She is the perfect healer all the way through a fight which would take Ana and moira out of the game permanently.

Mercy is very complicated and I understand that it’s hard to have your favourite healer reworked and nerfed 13 time should and keep being told it’s a success. Trust me I know the feeling I main mercy too but they are trying to balance a rework that they rushed to make and put little thought into so it could be sent to live to please the majority’s of the player base! Seagull amd XQC (I’m calling them out). I mean they literally recycled a ability set they deemed unhealthy for mercy and the game but it was very rushed so we (mercy mains) got a taste of her with too much power and now they are trying to get her to the intended power level they’d desire.

Imo she hasn’t been nerfed so much because they thought. Oh this nerf will do it, it will bring other supports back easily and when it doesn’t they make another small tweak because they obviously don’t want to push her over the edge and they think that’d Be enoug. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case hence so many nerfs to her rework.

So I would like to say, it is not unfair that mercy is being nerfed. She is being balanced to fit in the game and fit with the supports instead of outshining them. It sucks and I hope they revisit her and make her fun again wether it be revert, buffs or andother rework, but for now I am working with mercy now. Learning her, with each nerf comes skill. (Excluding Rez on cooldown because ugh) but with her nerfs you can show how much skill it took to get that 12k healing, how important guardian angel is.

Please just branch out to more heroes, I think you’d find mercy is very equal with the other supports if not a little below ana and moira which isn’t bad because again (Rez is gamchanging no matter what you do with it). I’d recommend playing ana. I’ve been loving her and I’m glad I can play her because I realised how hard she is and how good it feels to get better at a hero, I’ve been a mercy main for 300 hours. I’d go to to gm. Perfected mercy and her rework and I felt empty bored then bam new hero to learn because my main doesn’t have to be in every game.


You’re being obtuse here though.

Just because you only get to use one at a time does not mean that you don’t have the ability to use the other.

If you want Supercharger and Trans, you need to pick two separate heroes, dictating a third of your team off the bat. But Valk has those options collapsed into one ult, and lets Mercy change between them whenever she wants. The convenience comes at the cost of performance.


If it were really that easy, supports wouldn’t exist.

Then they are either a flanker or are war out of position and are about to die. Either way, they wouldn’t be receiving Valkyrie’s bonuses either.

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Is it?

And if the forums and Mercy’s Quickplay pickrates are anything to go off of, even more people have stopped playing Mercy because of the rework; because they aren’t having fun while playing Mercy.


Supercharger lasts that long.


I find that pretty funny.

Resurrect was not on Mercy’s E at the time soo…

They changed it because Valkyrie wasn’t really an ultimate.


I regularly pop Valk, heal my team up, damage boost them to clean up, and then chase down a Widow or Pharah with my pistol. That’s three things and that’s just on a normal use. Valk can be used very creatively. It definitely does more than just heal and boost. It can be used offensively, defensively, proactively, reactively, to save yourself from death, to get somewhere quicker, to reach a rez you couldn’t before, etc… You just need some imagination.

I stand corrected then. Thanks for that. I honestly never realized supercharger lasted that long. It’s usually destroyed half way through or you team wiped.

“The developers did something, therefore it is correct/justified” is utterly hilarious based upon the track record of these developers.


Last time I checked, supports don’t stand still and sit on the ground.

Except Mercy can actually quickly move around the field to different teammates, and boosting that flanker can be very useful.

I’ve already read the post.

Yep, because some people liked the rework and others didn’t. Nothing to argue here, as I never said the majority liked it

No no no, it’s more like the vast majority of users all agreed Mercy’s res was a problem, and it got recognized by pro players who said the same thing and blizzard agreed promoting your main healer to hide throughout a team fight was a terrible strategy that shouldn’t be encouraged in a game like overwatch.

Even now you’ll only find this bring back mass res movement on these forums. More people just want to see her balanced, without the devs having to worry about more backlash from the mercy main community

No, it’s like buying a bag of Doritos or a bag of Sun Chips vs. buying three Doritos and three Sun Chips.


So should Mercy damage boost as much as supercharger and heal as much as Transcendence?

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Point is Valkyrie is the combination of 2 ultimates but is still incredibly boring and is not impactful, at all. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you shouldn’t give a main healer the ability to fly…


Nah, I don’t need any imagination (I surprisingly have a lot of that) Ive done pretty everything you listed and I still don’t find the ult fun, when playing overwatch I like making big plays, catching on fire, hearing the voice lines and getting thanks for doing something that helped win. you simply can’t do that with Mercy anymore, of course you can still enjoy her, its all subjective anyway.


Also, why exactly are you DPSing with her ultimate. She’s a pacifist and a main healer…


But it IS impactful.

Barely, and is not engaging at all.