Mercy's Situation is NOT fair!

I’m sorry. The forums aren’t always clear as to who someone’s replying to.

I can see how you could interpret

as, “Mercy should out-heal focus fire”, even though that’s likely not what they meant to say.

Obviously nobody should be able to out heal focus fire. And nobody should heal through guaranteed crit-shots.
What I more meant was (I’m bad at wording things); Mercy should have top healing regardless; as she basically revolves around her healing. She cannot multitask like the other supports and main healers.

Moira? Throw a damage orb and spray your team, damage the enemy to refill your bar.
Ana? Throw a 'nade down! Attack the enemy on occasion while you heal.

Off-healers can multitask, too.
Zen? - Heal a teammate, throw balls at an enemy to give damage.
Lucio? - Speed or heal, WHILE ALSO damaging the enemy.

Mercy? Heal or damage boost or shoot a gun or resurrect somebody. She cannot multitask and is the only support who can’t.

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I completely agree, I think that blizzard shouldn’t their attention on mercy in particular and focus more on balancing other heroes and continuing to bring us better content and badass skins for new events

So you’re saying that they do counter Mercy’s ult, but the counter can be avoided through careful / intelligent play? I agree completely.

What is your criteria for an effective counter?

You having horrible positioning and game sense is not the enemy countering you.

Best description of Valkyrie:

Titanium always knows what to say :stuck_out_tongue:

Blizzard has made it clear so many times that they don’t care about the opinions of support players. There’s no point to PTR because they hardly care about feedback.

Hey thanks. i was looking for this.

No problem. Hopefully you can finally realise how vile Valkyrie is.

Actually I needed it because Titanium is actually trying to say they don’t think valk is useless in another thread

Link the thread right nowwww.

tis the one we were in yesterday.

Widowmaker and Doomfist cry in the corner.

He never said it was useless. He said it isn’t sufficient enough to be an ultimate.


And then I quoted a bunch of times where they do say it’s garbage, it’s usless, it’s outclassed because for some reason zen and orisa matter for a comparison, a tank and an off healer.

dude mercy is op stop

And there lies the problem that y’all who don’t player her don’t seem to understand. We fell in love with a hero and had immense amounts of fun with her and now we can’t anymore because of how dull she’s become. Personally, Mercy is the only reason I even started playing this game. She had a very awesome lore and I loved her character. So you can see why I’d be upset about what’s happened with her. That and honey I know how to play other heroes, I main Symmetra as well and I love her rework, I think it’s healthy for the character. I just don’t like Mercy in her current state. That’s why we’re like this

Zenyatta: heals 300 HPS for his whole team in a certain area, invulnerable
Mercy: Heals 50 HPS for her whole team, not invulnerable

Mercy’s ult now charges slower because of the healing nerf. It might turn the tide of a fight, but barely. The impact is minimal compared to other ults. They were trying to make Valk almost as high impact as Ressurect. It’s not fair that other characters are allowed maximum impact with ults, but Mercy isn’t. It’s hypocritical on Blizzard’s part.

Exactly this. People say that Zen and Lucio do less healing as an excuse, but it’s a different function. Zen can heal safely and far away; or put orb on an enemy for a dive. Lucio heals about what, 20 HPS for his whole team just by doing nothing - and Amp it up is what, like 48? 48 healing for his team with an ability. Mercy gets 50 HPS for her team. It’s literally a better Valk on cooldown. The devs treatment of Mercy is degrading.

You’re not special. This same exact thing happened to it happened to Bastion. It’s currently happening to Sombra. The game changes and hero’s playstyles evolve based around those changes. The rest of us deal with it. Mercy mains are still throwing a fit about it a year later. Which is probably why Mercy isn’t being balanced with the amount of backlash they get everytime they try to balance that hero.