Mercy's Situation is NOT fair!

If you wanted to not have all the kills reverted, you HAD to so you can kill her before she gets to use her ultimate. In the junkrat example, you don’t have to find him.

I did not say it’s not a “rework”, but reworking back a hero can be also called “revert” like i said there.

While I think you are right what else are we supposed to do then? If we are not allowed to complain about our broken hero and hand out our ideas to fix her what else is left?
This entire Mercy issue is exhausting and not fair at all. Everyone got a say in changing her but the people who played her. Now we want to change her again because of the broken mess she is and we get ignored by the devs.

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Maybe use one ultimate to kill the resurrected teammates? (or did you blow them all on a 6v5?) You don’t have to play hide n seek with the mercy…

Same with Mercy. You don’t have to find her.

If i want Ress to not happen, it’s necessary. Also, killing an entire team again is not something so easy as you say (just use an ultimate), it’s a new different team fight. Enemies can have ultimates of their own to kill me back. Killing a team again is not as easy as pressing a button like you say.

Old Mercy was unfun to play against AND unfun to play as. Current Mercy is much more enjoyable.

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Free ult charge and a pretty straightforward fight. I find killing players over and over again way more rewarding that just avoiding the problem because sadly, the Mercy will still have Resurrect up for later.

What? You sound like Sysphus enjoyed seeing himself working in vain and see the rock fall back down, just so he can lift it again.

How is that free ult charge? It’s a reset to a teamfight. If you don’t want to see the flaw in “just kill them again” it’s your thing, but don’t present it as a fact.

1 Step guide to win a match: Win it. Isn’t that easy? I just jumped over all the details.

That can be blocked with shields. Bubbles. Eaten with defense matrix. Blocked off by ice walls. Or straight up avoided by heroes who can teleport around the map, go intangible, dash grapple or rocket away, or simply stand behind any cover.

It will shut down most flank attempts, but it’s hardly going to change or deter the tactics of a rein in front of a payload leading the way for his team.

It’s high aaahHHhhhdead.

What exactly are you basing this assertion on? Because it doesn’t appear to be personal experience.

With a massive, massive windup, and a literal indicator on your screen letting you know if it’ll kill you.

Justice rains from anAAHHHhhHhhHhhdead.

Unless there’s an Ana there who can disable anyone’s ability to receive healing.

You know what. I’m actually with you entirely on this one. Her ultimate is stupid to me.

Mercy’s current ult is nothing to scoff at - and is easily one of the most bloated ults in the entire game- by leaps and bounds.

The problem with her ult is that it DOESNT turn a fight around.

It prevents a fight from needing to be turned around however.

This is the issue with the ult. Fecal matter hits the fan and people want to ult to change the outcome.

Her ult IS quite powerful- but it needs to be used pre emptively from the start so you can all make a huge strong push from the get go.

A valkd mercy at the START of a team fight is a powerful tool- and NEEDS to be dealt with in one fashion or another. Often at the use one the enemies own ults to do it. Plenty of ults can be responded without counter ults. It’s very powerful focus force and bait out ults from the enemy.

Mercy’s ultimate is very useful if used correctly. She not only can heal multiple people, but she can also easily get out of a bad situation. Also, comparing a support ultimate to a DPS ultimate is not a very good comparison. DPS ultimates are meant to be high damage, sometimes annoying if used correctly, abilities, whereas Support and Tank ultimates are more focused on helping the team. Yes, I do agree that Mercy is being targeted a bit much with nerfs right now, but she is still usable. Also, Mercy isn’t the only support that can be out-damaged. Almost every support except for Zenyatta’s ultimate (which can be easily countered) can easily be out-damaged. Mercy’s situation isn’t as bad as it seems. I’ve been playing her since Season 6 and I can still do very good with her. She’s just a lot harder to play now.

EDIT: Mercy’s Resurrect ability isn’t that bad either. It really just takes more effort to use it correctly now. You just need to have someone to come protect you or you need to find a spot that isn’t directly in the enemy’s line of sight to pull it off. Also, using it out in the open isn’t very smart; anyone can pick you off.

Mercy isn’t the only support on the team either, Mercy’s newfound lack of healing power can be compensated with another support with higher healing output like Ana or Moira. Mercy simply just isn’t that good of a solo healer anymore.

Yeah , basically.

Valkyrie is a weak if not trash ultimate imo.

You don’t find it satisfying to continuously kill the enemy team?

Number 1 tip to win a match is to win a match? Damn, this is the dumbest thing I’ve heard so far.

Probably got ult charge from winning the 5v6. Now get even more ult charge for the upcoming battle where your team will most likely expend some ultimates.


i mean some people have fun by beign toxic. some have fun helping others. (once had a room where entire enemy team agreed to forfeit match to let a person their cute spray achievement. (think might of been a lucio?))

that was actually changed so even if 1.0 was released again there is no SR abuse too.

also a double standard.

kill 5 of enemy with your team? team dies to riptire right after.

any “group” efefctive skill can negate a teams work. be it mass rez, trans, meka bomb, death blossom, etc.


as an ultimate using it feels bad. it barely does anything (you still target 1 person and hold button and move (just able to move up and down which is a death sentence in a sniper meta))

for enemy its bad to play agasint as its basically giving every enemy a pocket mercy (all those ppl saying rez is 7v6 (which isnt actually true just using the analogy) are using wrong skill as valk is basically making it 11v6 in fact Mercy is cloned due to branching out her heal/dmg boost)

60 hp/s ST was balanced. Valk ruined that balance by making her AOE heal. (and a balanced ST is broken once you make it aoe…imagine if Lucio’s passive aura healed 50 hp/s and amped it up to near 100 basically the power change it does)

50 hp/s valk? worthless as a single winston negates your entire effect (and there are 5 other enemies to worry about) there are VERY few dps heroes who do less than 50 dps. (torbs turret alone at lvl 1 does 28 dps, lvl2 over 50)

valk may make 60 hp/s a problem, but 50 hp/s overall is not up to par with current game for a primary healer (and moment they legit say she is no logner a primary is day they may as well remove her as she has been games iconic healer since the very first ads)

edit: also this isnt a mercy main upset that shes nerfed, its a mercy main who is tired of constant nerfs that are not fixing the core issue that the devs ignore. Ratehr a huge nerf and then buffs ratehr than constant nerfs.

We want balanced healer. not OP or UP. Is this so much to ask for?

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That doesn’t make sense. Just because a hero is not as powerful doesn’t mean that they should be removed.

As far as trolling your own team goes… Original Teleporter, Mei’s Ice Wall, and I’d even say current single Resurrect has wayyyyy more opportunities to troll your team. 2 of those still exist in the game and one survived the Symmetra 2.0 rework.

it has nothign to do with her power.

its her image. imagine if they changed tracer from mobility queen to someone like reaper.
it just removes what that hero was.

by far the most unfun troll skill ever in game <_<

This was exactly what i was going for dude. The same thing is the “just kill them again”.

But we are not talking about trolling, but actual viable strategies used to win games.

Except killing them again is a better tip to win a fight than just win a fight to win a fight :thinking:. Also, I elaborated on ways you can easily kill the resurrected team so… all you did was say win a fight…

No, you said Mass Resurrect’s fun was coming at the expense of Mercy’s team.

If a player is doing something that is not in the best interest of their allies… then yes that is still trolling regardless of how obvious it is or isn’t as the case may be.

welcome to life. jeff is just going to touch characters here and there from now on but I do hope mercy gets back her reses cd decreased.