Mercy's resurrect

I know that most of the replies to this post will be about how blizzard doesn’t care about mercy anymore. and this post will be about her resurrection ability. apparently it isn’t fun to use it anymore but in my opinion, it is fine. do you reckon they should reduce the cooldown time of REZ and make to go from 30 seconds to 20 seconds?
in my opinion, it would work quite well for her as I don’t think they will revert mercy’s old ultimate ability so they could at least make it more useful.
1.) what do you think?
2.) what would you add to that?
3.) what would you change about mercy’s current state?

And make the ability that’s so powerful they needed to nerf the rest of her kit to compensate even more powerful? No thanks.

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I honestly think rez as part of her baseline kit is a mistake and is a big reason why she went through so many nerfs to get to where is now. So I don’t think lowering the CD is a wise idea.


Why don’t we just remove Rez, give her a new E and ult, and revert her healing

The entire rework was a terrible failure.

Well I would like to see a rework/revert of some sort happen again. Just like this thread by Titanium is suggesting it.

I dont like to remove rez from Mercy but it seems the devs are unable to get her right so I slowly start to agree with this.


I’d rather she didn’t have rez at all, though I’ve accepted that she’ll always have some form of it. Lowering the CD would be a mistake, though. It’s already arguably the most powerful ability in the game. I’d raise the CD if anything.

As far as the rest of her kit, I love her current state. I love Valk and I like the current balance of the support scene. No drastic changes needed.

I think it would increase her power level a bit but, primarily in situations where she has teammates dropping in a spread out fashion where the opposing team cannot secure kills.

Personally, I wouldn’t enjoy it very much as I find the actual process of resing to be boring much of the time and I dislike res on cooldown when playing DPS.

It would potentially lead to an increase in damage boosting as having players drop would matter less.

as a mercy main, no. rez is already powerful enough on a 30 sec cooldown, making it 20 would bring her back into the meta, and once again, get bombarded with nerfs.