Mercy's nerf was unnecessary

Then why are you complaining so much?

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Then why are you fighting for an unfair mechanic for a hero that is already powerful that takes minimal effort?

Well maybe not a mercy main but a person who plays her a lot.

Yeah, that too xD. I was just talking from a pure healing standpoint.

Because I like playing Mercy and obviously that huge nerf is crazy I don’t understand why you guys think it was a good idea honestly.

Balance or lack thereof, Resurrect’s functionality, cooldown vs charge and thought process and usage reward.

Your welcome :slight_smile:

I think you’re confusing unnecessary with, pointless. Which is what it is because it makes no difference. Mercy is still the best healer.

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It’s 10 healing lol you literally made this large conversation over her getting a nerf that took away 10 healing a second.

Mercy should not be a get out of jail free card from winston, or death (in some instances). period.


A tank’s job is to agro, not kill things. They absorb damage, take space, and pull attention. I mean, they can kill things, just not when a target is being supported by a healer. This is every DPS/Tank/Support based game ever.

Now Winston is supposed to dive a healer. And peel for his own healers. But he is not supposed to be able to kill a target that is being actively healed. That’s ridiculous.

People wanted Pharmercy dead Blizz answered

THEN PLAY ANA AND TELL THE DEVS TO BUFF HER MORE. Seriously mercy does not need to be stronger than Ana for a year.

Hello? 10hp/s out of 60hp/s is a big difference.

The question now is, should a tank that requires no aim to output damage be out-damaging an ultimate?

It really isn’t. If the person who gets dove lands all their shots right they can get the monkey off.

what ultimate are you referring to?

But Winston is supposed to secure some kills on targets, its not fair when a mercy is behind a corner with her beam going through the wall while he cant secure the kill, considering how squishy he is.

Oh my god… Well since we’re talking about Mercy I’m going to go with Valkyrie.

But the thing is she can still heal without having to obtain the heals, and can still escape when being dived on.

I didnt know winston could fly for 10 seconds, my bad.

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