Mercy's Current State

Valkyrie and Res on E have more than proved they dont belong in the game, right? I think the 14 consecutive nerfs more than prove that, dont they?

Mercys current state is the least fun & impactful iteration of Mercy ever. I really think 5 man res could be balanced with some tweaks, or just look at the Mercy community willing to give their ideas for a Fun & Strong (not overpowered) rework.

The Mercy community has been continuously silenced, but why, seriously blizzard we’re losing faith in you. It’s now or never…

any other mercy mains praying for a mercy 3.0 reveal at gamescom this weekend?


Like what? An LoS check that would do nothing? A cast time that would make it useless?

Incentivizing a support to let their teammates die is bad design and it shouldn’t come back.


Least fun?
Original Mercy: Heal and rez
Current Mercy: Heal and rez and fly

I get she isn’t as strong but, you really need to elaborate on this weak ‘fun’ argument.


Yes. We all know that this is how you feel.

We also know that this was needed because now the other supports are finally seeing much deserved play time. All she got a was a healing revert this latest patch. I understand the series of nerfs are probably annoying, but they’ve been small chips at the problem they created and she’s slowly falling into the place she needs to be.

Do I agree with the method? No. But we’re getting there. But she’s not terrible, she just finally is no longer a must-pick at every rank.

The stats are finally reflecting the stats that supports should have. Why rework her again and create a new problem?


playing mercy currently you don’t feel useful to your team at all, old mercy your healing felt impactful, and resurrecting people felt powerful, now mercy feels slow and slugish, and valk with instant resses was great, but proved to be unbalanced so i think mercy needs to go back to the drawing board


I suggest reading about it this thread. Lot’s of great ways to make her both fun to play and balanced :slight_smile:


I dont think mercy mains care about her balanced being a more niche hero its not about that its about how FUN she feels to play, and she doesnt feel fun or impactful right now. no mercy mains care if shes a must pick we just want to feel impactful and mercy doesnt feel that way right now


You do realize that old Mercy had 50hps, correct? She was also much slower then than she is now. I’m confused?

“Fun” unfortunately is subjective, and a lot of people are finding her more enjoyable in this current state than Mercy 1.0. Her old stats showed waaaaay less impact then than they do now. Trust me. You don’t want old Mercy back.


Be careful dude. People get a seizure when they hear the words, “5 man res”.


Did you know that it was buffed to 60?


I mean, as you’ve said… “Fun” is subjective so… If they want old Mercy back, they are entitled to that opinion, just like you are to yours. Not everyone has to like current Mercy either.


Current Mercy is boring. Why? Valkyrie is glorified spectator mode.


Yes i know 50 hps used to be her old healing stat, theres a reason it got buffed, Clearly valkyrie and res on E are the problem, and Trust me i played old mercy i have 500 hours on mercy i enjoy old mercy much more pre invulnerability. and again your point is coming from meta stats, theres a difference from how the hero feels and how they perfom mercy last patch was performing well in the meta and statistically, but ask the majority of mercy mains you didnt feel impactful

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Incorrect. I don’t play Mercy, yet when I got her in Mystery Heroes, no one on my team died at all. Felt good man.

I have 800 hours across all my accounts. :stuck_out_tongue: Old Mercy was definitely better.


We can hope so! Though I think it’s more likely they’ll announce the other social feature they told us about when discussing endorsements for the first time.


You guys really need to see the light here. Old mercy is dead and gone.


First suggestion is terrible. 150hp heal is terrible compared to other support ults so it’s only useful for Resurrect, which is also garbage due to the cast time.

Mercy 1.0 was already not a good hero. A nerf to her would have just been a hilarious joke.

Pacify nor the Angelic Descent buffs would be enough to offset that.

I for one am glad that the devs stopped telling Mercy players to let their teammates die.

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Oh awesome, another post about Mercy. Surely this one will be a bit more unique and interesting to read and not the same rehashed version of th-

Nevermind, on to the next post.


thats why i said just look at the mercy communites over flowing with suggestions not including mass res