Mercy's Current State

It isn’t possible at all. All it does is have potential value that her ultimate charge is balanced around, making Mercy a complete trashcan all over again.

Plus, even if you do get that 5 man off because the enemy team turned their monitors off, you die anyway because of no invuln and your team just feeds without their Mercy.

All you’ve done is make using 5 man Resurrect worse than just wiping, especially considering the extremely high chance that you’ll die and lose your ultimate all together.

And again, 4385 is not Master.

On what basis are you claiming that she looks balanced now? None of the stats confirm this. She’s the lowest win rate healer plat - diamond (where she’s also in the bottom three win rates of all characters). In diamond and masters she’s the lowest win rate character period. She’s the second lowest healer bronze - plat. In every tier her win rate is below the average win rate. If you play Mercy you are causing yourself to derank. Nothing about her looks balanced at all right now.

It’s completely wrong to cry havoc and demand changes when you think she’s overpowered, and then stop and ask for an end to changes when the stats show that she’s in a horrible spot.

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She’s not yet “in a horrible spot”. She’s slightly subpar, maybe a little worse in high rank. She’s way better off than Ana was for ages. Let’s give it a little time, let the changes digest, and see where she stabilizes. If she does end up being underpowered after everyone has adjusted to the changes, maybe she can go up to 55 hp/s. Alright?

Meanwhile half of the Mercy crowd is advocating for a state where she’s even more of a noob stomper.

What? Since when are all other ultimates in the game guaranteed value?

Which is part of the Risk vs reward. Can I pull this off without dying, or not? Should I fall back to my team and save Rez for the next push?

Again, risk vs reward. Mercy with invulnerable Rez hardly had any risk, and the reward was just the same as before she could survive those Rez’s. At their core, these changes make 5-mans more risky (as they should be), but with the healing boost, you can both Rez downed players and top off your DPS. There are a lot more cards on the table than you think.

Split opinion really. Some our claiming it to be too OP whilst others are calling trash. Who do we believe? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: I chose not to chose any of these options.

Unlike other ultimates, Mercy has to go 1v6 to get a 5 man Resurrect. With a cast time longer than Lucio’s Sound Barrier, that isn’t happening.

The answer is never. You will die before your teammates can move.

Again, you can’t just say “risk v reward” and play it off.

It isn’t a risk. It’s a suicide button. You’re literally asking the entire enemy team to kill you 1v6. It will never happen.

Blizzard should listen to the “27 other hero communities” to get a more objective points of view. Hey, it’s great that the “Mercy community” is more or less on the same page but… their on the same page…

Side Note: This may not be true on paper, but it seems to be implied in debates that players within the “Mercy Community” have similar mind-frames when it comes to Mercy. Not a good foundation to understand whether or not present Mercy needs to be changed.

Believe it or not, Mercy is not centered around the Mercy community.

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And if Reaper is the last man standing on his team, the odds are the same, should he decide to press Q.

Usually, if you end up 1v6, that’s because you survived whatever came before. That usually means you can get the F out of dodge and regroup with your team.

Why are you so fixated on the 1v6? On the 5-man? We’re intentionally making that, specifically, next to impossible to remove the memed cheese.

Unlike Mercy, Reaper’s ultimate doesn’t require a 1v6.

Because if it isn’t possible, it shouldn’t be in the game.

Erm, do you even balance?

I’m pretty sure what most other players want from Mercy.

  1. Ideally for her to be balanced, or at least, not overpowered.
  2. No mass rez.
  3. (Optional) Bring up her skill floor a bit.

Neither does Mercy, for crying out loud. Honestly, why the fixation on that number?


A 5 man Resurrect does require a 1v6.

If Mercy is incapable of getting off a valuable 5 man Resurrect, why is it in the game?

This feels like a disingenuous interpretation. The stats are what they are. They don’t indicate a slightly sub par hero. They indicate a hero that is struggling to do her job.

The stats are worse than what Ana’s were for the past six months, and Ana was not in a good spot at all. She needed changes to bring her back to the game. The same goes for Mercy. Maybe they should wait a bit first, but it’s going to happen. You may not like her, but it’s true.

Because it’s still possible to get… You’re acting as if it’s impossible just because in your rank, it’s highly unlikely. We have to think about everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Weren’t you on the “don’t balance around bads” train not too long ago :thinking:

Except balance will be a concern if Blizzard decides to create Mercy 3.0 or bring back Mercy 1.0. Besides this, “Player One” can be anyone that plays Mercy. This means that anyone from the other communities that have played her are relevant in the discussion of Mercy’s “future”.

Indeed but this is just plain stupidity. He’s acting as if it’s impossible to pull of a 5 man Ressurect with a 1 second cast time…

Sure they do. Her overall winrate is not much worse than heroes like McCree or Tracer.